158# Music Talk

158# Music Talk


As far as i could remember, i started to have interest in listening music was when i was about 10. Celine Dion was great for me and i listened to her almost everyday. Her "Falling in to you" album. During that time, pop scene was very popular among the youngsters and the kids like me.

There're a few that i could name. When i was 12, i listened to the boy group called 911. As well as the backstreet boys, boyzone, N sync... etc. When i was 13 to 15, i listened to more of them. Britney spears was once my favourite. Specially her "Opps, i did it again" album. Christina Aguilera's self-titled album was good. I got the extra remixed cassette. J.Lo's "On the 6" was the one which made me into Latin music.

Other than those mentioned above, i did listen to M2M, Dido, Michelle Branch, Natalie Imbruglia. These artists were once my favourite...

I continued listen to those until 16. At the age of 16, i began to listen rock, hardcore, and metal music. The first metal band i listened to was Paparoach. At first i found such noisy music was disturbing, indeed. Through MTV channel i know about Linkin Park. Through Linkin Park i know about Korn, Limp Bizkit. Further i went, i know about P.O.D., Blink-182, Evanescence...

When i was in Form 5, 17. I began to listen to Slipknot. Year of 18, Mushroomhead. And then my taste into Metal music expands, to bands like Stone Sour, Murderdolls, Deftones... At the same year, as i could remember, during the month of August i began to listen to darker music. I had some difficulties and social problems just because i listen to those dark ones. I have no one to share about the music, and no one to share the songs that i can play.

People might have problem to those i'm listening to. I admit that those do not meant to exist at that social's sight.


But look, just look at how is the music scene nowdays have developed? The mainstream music before was just alright. Groups like BSB, Westlife, Blue or whatever were really acceptable for the public. But since the sudden rise of R&B and Hip hop music, there were more than a few of those who already judge the dead of rock. And nowdays pop culture even mixed with R&B and hip hop culture which was once only practiced by the black in the US.

Just take a look at what we have in the media now. Once i switch to the channels like Mtv, Channel V, Hitz.tv... What could i see are just hip hop influenced videos. Chances are 8 out of the ten. The hip hop culture has entirely infest the normal pop culture. It has replaced what we called as pop.

I can say that 7 out of the 10 of Hip hop based music is not healthy. Not healthy in the sense of the lyrics itselves are bad, explicit, meaningless and obscence. What the hell is "Don't Phunk with my heart"? Are they trying to imply "Don't Fuck with my heart"? What is "Pussy Cat Dolls"? What kind of groups is that? Are they selling music or selling their body?

What i could see in a Hip hop music video are just all about booty shakin, bling bling, hard liqours, parties, sex, and lots of unhealthy things, which do not meant to be shown in the general channels.

Hip hop has even brain washed the local music scene. For example, i've watched a video from the local vocal group called "Tea Tarik Crew". Ok, that sounds kind of freak. What appeared in their video were people dressed with little clothes on them like they have no money to buy. Those who supposed to be veilded partying around, hard liqours around, gamble cards on the table, implying oral sex of a girl to the DJ....

That kind of shit is that? Are those things meant to be appeared in a local group? Further more, the members of the group are all Muslims. Can they take liqour? Can they gamble? Can they even practice oral sex? Which are all seriously banned by their religion. And what worse is that the video is played at local channel tv.

Besides, i do not find the value of music for hip hop music. What's so nice to rap? Anyone can read things as fast as they want. Anyone can write lyrics to rap, since it do not make any sense. Hip hop is all about commercial, not music for me.

I had talked about the issue of negative influence brought by hip hop music with my friends. And there was a guy did not agree with me and said "How about Black Metal?". Obviously the negative influence of hip hop had not go through his mind. The first thing which came across was the Black Metal music, which going against his religion.


Alright, i have to claim something over here. I admit that Black Metal is bad in a normal thinking way. But look, have you ever watch any Black Metal music's video on the screen of your home tv? Black Metal is always hidden under the ground. And it has never go through the public's attention. At least not in Asia, other than the only Country Japan. This country got a lot of attention from the Black Metal scene where they always have Japan overseas versions of CDs to Japan and only to Japan.

Black Metal music is still witin the range of art music, for me. Guitars, bass guitars, drums, keyboards, orchestras. Do you think that a person without any musical knowledge and play those instruments? Unlike hip hop. Hip Hop is, as long as a person has a mouth to rap, and body to swing, to wear baggies. If one could break dance that's even better. That's everything for hip hop. That's all about it.

But Black Metal is different. Songs are written, played, sung in the minor keys. Guitars are picked in tremelo, solo-ed in rhythm. Keyboards are played in sorrow. Drums are struck for hundred and hundred beats per minute. Vocals are torn. Female vocals, soprano in 4 octaves. Iscariotic choirs, orchestras...

Therefore, are these have even more value of art and music if compared to those hip hop music? Which only created by samplers, turnatables, drum machines? Does a person need to have grade 8 or more musical knowledge to create beats for hip hop music? Obviously, no.

I'm not complimenting anything about black metal here. I know it would not be accepted by anyone no matter what. Therefore it's always hidden under the ground. Those exposed to the public are critiqued as "mainstream black metal" and they would never return to the underground anymore.


I got a Christian friend asked me, "So how's Cradle of Filth?"

I just answered, "Alright, the lyrics are poetic."

What i meant poetic was poetic. I had go through the lyrics, which remain unnoticeable by hearing. What they are singing are just about love, their godness, and worship to Her. A particular case where 4 songs were about "Paradise Lost" written by John Milton. Most of those are about stories from the bible.

Alright, i do admit that song titles such as "Satan my master", "The Principle of Evil made flesh", "The Black Goddess Rises", "Iscariot" are quite sensitive and negative from a religion's view. But this is not the entire thing of it to be a mistake nor a problem.

People might think that Black Metal deals with virgin sacrifices, drug, and a lot of negative stuffs. But those are just bias and assumption from the public. They do not practice human nor animal sacrifices. Because in fact, Lucifer doesn't need to be fed. Funny... But somehow, some of them do sprinkle or drench themselves with blood from blood bags, which i think is a waste. They do not kill people when they're performing. But some are employed to have copse paint and pretend like one for the fans to push, throw and torture around.

Anyway, some of them even choose the "dark" places for their recordings. "Dark" in the sense of "feng shui" that we can name. The "Feng shui" which could great dark and Goth atmosphere for the music. For example a place called Parkgates Studio, Battle in the UK. They said they killed and hung their co-producer in the studio for the sake of inspirations. Personally i do not think that was true.


Alright, no matter what, those negative stuffs i mentioned above about Black Metal will not be in the public's sight no matter what. What could the public witness right now is the decandence of the pop culture and the displacement by negative, unhealthy hip hop culture. Even it has influenced our local Malay artists.

This phenomenon is really disappointing for those music perfectionist. I'm not one, but i'm disappointed as well. Those who used to be unwashed in the US and become rich nowdays because of their music. And right now, the world is copying them. How sad.

Disclaimer : The above discussions are just personal opinions and it do not against any particular person, musical groups, body nor religions.

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