154# My...

154# My...

My Computer

Wednesday, 21st of December. At night, i turned on my desktop. A notification appeared on the screen. Telling me that i had altered the start up. To select back normal start up, can be selected again.

Windows XP users can have selective start up by clicking
Run > msconfig > Selective Start up > Able and Enable what programmes at your choice for start up.

But this is an advanced settings. My advice is, better not to change anything from there if you aren't an expert for computers.

I installed my HP Deskjet 3900, and i opened the msconfig to select out the HP guide thingy. From there onwards, my computer began to have problems. I'm not sure whether the problems occured were because the modifications i made in the start up. But i think it did concerned it.
For example, my computer had rebooted for a few times out of a sudden. I do not know why.

When i connected to the internet, it rebooted. The screen became black, then the system restarted. Got once i opened 2 IE browsers, and attempt to sign in my MSN messager. The system just hung. I forced to restart my computer. And when it restarted, an error detected shown. And it was "serious error".

I saved a DoTA game. I tried to load the game again. When the game was on loading, suddenly a "fatal error" warning appeared. It got to do with the ATI graphic card. I do not know what the Hell is wrong with my computer man!

Yesterday the sound from the modem was abnormal. For couple of times it did not sound normal when dialling up. After i restarted the computer twice then it appeared to be normal back.

Just now i analysed my C drive, disk defragment was needed. I was like, what the heck? The computer is just one week old, why the disk needed to be defragmented? The D drive, where i stored my documents with didn't need that instead. Therefore, i defragmented the C drive. Hope everything is fine after i did that.

Now i'm typing this, the computer seems to be normal. It doesn't reboot nor get hang or something. Everything is fine. I think if i do not load my saved DoTA, then it would not have any problem then.

Oh God, this is a new computer. Please don't torture me in such a way. I can't live without computer. Average this computer is operating at least 6 hours per day. 3 users, my younger sisters and me.

My Car

My car has 5 tyres. Why 5? One more is the spared one, of cause. And 4 out of the 5 had punctured before. That was kind of pissing off. Imagine when you are on a rush, on the way of driving your steering got out of controlled. That is dangerous and fatal right...
Now, the car tyres and radiator cooler are fixed - done. No problem will arise at least for this short moment. I hope the "short moment" would be counted in years...

Regardless the problems i mentioned above, i just like my car. Not only it's driver friendly for tall drivers like me, and it's audio system. I like the car's front and back bumpers. And the rubber proctection at the sides of the car.

There was a red Iswara banged at my front when it went reverse. I sirened but it was too late. That car was slightly spoilt, and my front bumper was slightly damaged too. The flat part of it was dent in. That happened in the worst mall on earth, the parking area of The Store Center Point at Klang.

The other case. Same venue as above. I told you it's a worst mall on earth. Any bad things could happen. I was making a turn at the parking area. There were cars parked at the point where turnings are made. Those god damned drivers just never bother people who need to turn their vehicles to pass by there. Therefore, i tried to avoid the cars over there. I didn't notice the pillar at all, and the left hand side of my car scratched onto the pillar. If i say "bang" would be to much. But the impact was kind of big too as i felt i got banged or something.

After i damned the cars which blocked my way. I went down to check my car. Zero damage. The rubber at the side of the car had some white paint on it, from the pillar. I swept away the paint. The rubber did not have a single scratch on it at all. Good. Then i drove off and continued to damn those drivers who parked the cars over there.

Today, at Klang, again. After i fetched my sister from the tuition centre. I drove as usual. Relaxed, listening to the 7th album of Korn that i bought on Wednesday. I stopped my car when the cars in front of me stopped (of Cause). Steadily i stopped.

I remembered that i did not braked out of a sudden. But after 1.5 seconds i stopped, i felt an impact from the back of my car.

"What are we going to do?" My sister asked.
"That guy's car is definitely gone." I had never afraid of my car at all, you know why.

I turned on my hazard light, went down to check, "as usual", indeed.

The Nissan Sentra, BFF 9**9, did not stopped on time, therefore... It wasn't my fault. So the driver did not sound at me or something. This kind-fat-chinese guy admitted his fault that he did not noticed my brake lights and stop his car. His car crashed onto my car's back bumper. Precisely at the point of the bumper where trailer towings are made. The hardest point of the structure of the bumper, i guess.

The Sentra's front intercooler's cover gone. The car's number plate gone. My car, zero damage. I was just too lucky.

I am not a good driver nor an ethical one. It's better not to mention about free from accidents. Superstitious purposes. I think i'm one of those superstitous people...

I got a friend who drives a Waja met an accident. Couples of fractures at her chest bone. That was serious. Her car's engine and radiator gone. She was driving at the highway. That explains the impulse during the crash. I hope she is fine by now...

My 7th Korn Album

I spotted the album in Fantasy shop, Sunway Pyramid. After the disappoinment of having no japanese albums or DVD to buy, finally i found something else i needed to buy. Korn's "See you on the other side" album. But after i saw the imported version, i put back the local version.

The local version was just about RM43.50, but the Eupore imported one was RM63.50. Big difference. Imported version comes with 3 unrealesed studio tracks, 2 remixes, and 2 videos. It also gives one year Korn official fan club membership, with personal homepage, blog, priority for pre-sale tickets, medias...

Those do not bother me. I'm not staying in the US. But the imported version is in custom package. Quite nice. But i think the songs itselves are more important.

After i dropped the CD i bought into the car, i continued to woalk around in the mall.

When i passed by Video Ezy shop. I recalled that Korn should have posters for propaganda purposes. I went back to the shop and requested for a poster. Though the album itself did not come with one. The lady search in the counter. The lady boss said there's no free poster for the album. I gave a disappointed expression and walked to check out the anime soundtracks.

I could see that there was another young lady walked into the store, and she took a cylinder object out. A roll of posters, my guess was correct. She took out one piece from it, and rolled it. I pretended not to see it and continued to see at those soundtracks. The lady at the counter came to me and said, "This is your poster.". And the young lady rolled it and handed it to me.

I was thinking... They should not give it to customers right? Or else they would not do it when their boss was not watching. They already said no posters, but there was one for me in the end. Those two ladies were so kind! They gave me the poster! Guys, go support them by buying CDs from them. Call their boss to increase their salaries! But the boss was kind of selfish, said there were no Korn posters... Or she just did not know actually there were? Mmmm...

My friends

Wei-Jin and Tai Ken are back from the UK. Actually Jin called me out to DoTA all night in SS15 yesterday. I did not make it. It was just a rough plan. I had something on yesterday, or else i would appear in SS15 and call him out to DoTA until the next morning.

I slept until 12pm something until the call woke me up. I took about 12 seconds to figure out who was on the line. It was our pretty brilliant friend who is in the LSE. She is not coming back this time. She didn't know that the others were coming back. So she is kind of bored to stay over there in such a cool weather. Or she likes the weather? Mmmm...

I miss you guys. I will go to find y'all when i'm free alright. Please don't go back to UK so early! I need to be a house guard until 2nd of 2006. My parents are going overseas for vacation. I'm not. I need to fetch my sister to tuition. So sad. I'm not going out for Christmas and New Year this year. Sad case...

My outro

9kb notepad file for this entry. I guess you're tired of reading all of this. So sorry. I just have so many useless things to tell over here. My posts appeared to me randon nowdays. But i have tonnes of serious posts to come with. Give me some time. I shall give you some bombastic stuffs to read... If i could make it...

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