151# I'm in

151# I'm in

One - Offer of Admission

Yes, I'm in. Thank God.

When i was watching "Blue Streak" starred Martin Lawrence at the Star Movie channel, i heard the siren from the postman in front of the gates. He asked for a familiar name. Yes, my name was heard. He handed me a big envelope, asked for a signature.

And i saw IMU's logo on the top left of the envelope. Swiftly i signed it and gave it to the postman. Then he gave it to me after he teared the whatever-thing out from it.

With the speed of light i moved into house and teared the envelope. I did not see any keywords such as "accepted" nor "rejected", as i could imagine to see. After i read it, and tried to understand what the letter about, i came out with a conclusion. Yes, i'm in.

"Offer of Admission" titled. Means i'm accepted right? Enclosed with policy on payment of fees and proforma invoice, asking for money already. I think i had read it very clearly. I'm in.

With the speed of light again as to share the joy, i sms-ed my friends to tell them the mercy gave from IMU. Sms-ed Her first, of cause. Then my closest buddy, then the others...

Thanks, all you guys out there.. For all the supports, words and blessings. Now i won't complain with you all about my future studies. You guys are in peace now. Haha...

Career as a doctor is my dream. When i had just overcame the fear of being rejected, i need to consider about the stress that i would face later.

Today, 15th is my sister's last day for her final exam, in the first phase, pre-clinical years. I can see that she is stressed enough for this course. But i'm stepping onto what she is suffering now.

I was not really encouraged to study medicine. My dad wanted me to take up business, or building engineering. So that he could pass his business and companies to me in the future. I'm the only son. But i can't do it. I'm a man of science instead of anything else. Though i'm not as smart as my sister does, and for sure i would face more problems and stress in the future during the course. However, if i did not study this and work as a doctor, that is really living in Hell.

Two - Punctured tyre

Promised my friend to treat him a piece of roti canai. I was about to drive my car out around 11.45pm. I checked my car tyre, one of it seemed out of gas. But i thought it could last until tomorrow.

I drove it out. Less than a minute, i felt some strange problem from the car. I knew what went wrong. I managed to find a place for me to stop the car and went down to check it out.

Damn! The tyre was totally punctured. Luckily i was still near to my house. I drove back. With extreme concentration. The car was totally out of my control as it tended to move towards the right, where the tyre was punctured.

I survived reaching home. Luckily there was not many cars on the road because it was kind of late. I afraid the tyre is damaged because i drove it for some distance under such a condition.

Again, tomorrow i'm going to change it, then send it to the tyre shop. Call them to check for the other 4 as well. I have enough of tyre problems...

Actually before i went out, a sudden thought flashed through my mind. I knew if i went out this late it would be dangerous. Because a friend of mine of robbed and chopped on his face last year. So i was afraid of being robbed or something. I took out my credit card and bank card from my wallet. Left my IC, driving licience, cash less than RM200. That would be safer than. But still, bad things occured. Fortunately it was just a tyre problem, and nothing worse happened. Thank God again...

Three - Central Processor Unit

I'm getting a new CPU tomorrow. My desktop life shall begin then. My sister needs to bring this laptop to seremban for her clinical year in IMU. Finally i convinced my dad to change a new CPU. The old one was AMD 150Mhz, 20Gb. The processor slow because of unknown problems. The standard BIOS battery dried. The CPU is just simply a headache cause.

A new piece, from my cousin. With the price of 1.8k. Pentium 4 3.0Ghz, MSI 7071 Motherboard, 128Mb ATI graphic card, 256Mb DDR, 80Gb HDD, DVDRW, Built in network card... A cutting edge CPU for me, should be enough for a semi hardcore computer user like me. The saddest thing is still, no broadband available in my area. Or else, it would turn into perfect.

I found out a very convenient donwload software, called "Flashget". It's not a sharing tool i guess. When you found something to download from a page, regardless what page is it. Megaupload, usendit, blah blah...

To download the file, it doesn't go through the server's control. So it's not counted in the total download. Although a particular file has exceeded the download limit or period, with that flashget, it can be downloaded still. And download process can be continued after re-connections. Damn cool right? Go get one.

Four - Firefox incompatiblity

Yesterday, or the day before i was tortured by the HTMLs in my blog's template. Firefox users are complaining for the blog's incompatiblity to firefox browser. I knew, Su Ann told me this before. But i just can't get rid of this problem. I managed to find out what was wrong in the skin's template.

It was the part of both of the blog boxes. HTML line "overflow: auto;". If i remove this line from both blog boxes and both scroll bars' code. Then the blog boxes can be read. Just that the scroll be become cacat-ed, and the dates gone out of place. Still can't be solved. I tried for an hour for it.

So, i'm expecting help from people out there. Edit my template so that it can be viewed using Firefox browser. Not much people are using IE now, as i could see. But i'm still an IE user, because MSN toolbar allows tags in a browser too.

I guess i'm not going to change a new skin. I like this blog skin a lot and i have used it more than a year. It's very convenient and nice-to-look-at for me. Blog skins nowadays really turn me down.

Therefore, Firefoz users... Please tolerant with my HTML stupidity. Try to use IE when you need to browse my site alright? Thanks a lot for being considerate...

It's already 1.16am now. This is the first time i blog during such a late night. Once i came back from mamak then already i started to blog.

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