152# There's something about DoTA

152# There's something about DoTA

I'm back. There's been a while since the last time i blogged.

This's the first time i blog using this desktop. Been used to type with the laptop, now i feel so uneasly to type with desktop'skeyboard...

Actually i wanted to blog something out here days ago. But this CPU is installed with DoTA, you know. Warcraft 3 - Defeat of the ancients. (In case someone don't know.. But i think everyone knows DoTA right?)

Therefore i spent quite long time to play the game. I seriously suck in playing this. For so many times i'd played, i got once with 1 kill, once with 2 kills. The 2 kills game i was using some tricky invisible character. (Rikimaru la) Or else i would not get any kills at all. Back to college time, when i knew nothing about the game, i always got killed (bullied) by my mates.

Even Justin, who supposed to show some mercy to a slow learner like me also stabbed me like Hell. Justin, damn bad la you! But right now i still suck in playing it, even though i used cheats! Damn...

And i can't play battlenet, because i don't have the official licience key thingy. So sorry Jin!

Ok, enough of DoTA talks. Let's proceed to something else.

Since the day i got this CPU from my cousin, average i spent about 3 to 4 hours in front of the monitor. It was quite hurting as my eyes feel dry and painful. Back to the times where i spent 4 hours daily with the laptop, i did not have any problem with it...

In order to transfer my files at the laptop to this CPU, purposely i went to get myself a USB flash drive. I don't want to use my sister ones... I was buying it at one of the shop in The Store Shaw Centrepoint. RM79 for Toshiba's 256Mb. Tried to kill down the price but couldn't. The salesman was kind of tough to kill. Then the other salesman got me. It was my secondary schoolmate. Well, old friend price. I manage to get it with RM75. Actually the price is quite ok, but i just wanted to kill as low as possible. However, seems that i'm weak in killing prices. Girls usually do well in this sort of thing...

I deleted all my files in the laptop. I missed out to transfer pictures taken from college... Those pictures which i got from Jin, Audrey, Layhui... All gone. But i can still go to their friendster profile to grab it again. And from my photobucket... Though it are not in original resolutions anymore. Whatever.

I feel a little bit guilty now, as i am simply crap around here. Because i can't wait to finish this, so that i could go to read rojaks' blog. Tell you guys, this blog is a must-read. The posts by this guy (i think it should be a guy) called Wingz are damn funny. Go read it guys! I get to know this blog through Adrien, where he posted a BSB video directed from rojak's at his blog before.

Singles to buy:
1. Mika Nakashima - Glamorous Sky - Released long time ago
2. Mika Nakahsima - Oborodukiyo Inori - Released damn long time ago

Albums to buy:
1. Ai Otsuka - Love Cook - Released 14th Dec
2. Korn - See you on the other side - Released 6th Dec

DVDs to buy:
1. Ai Otsuka live - Released August
2. Mika Nakashima - BEST - Releasing 24th Dec
3. Slipknot - 9.0 Live - Released Nov

I just noticed that Adrien listens to a lot of japanese artists' songs. How come huh? Are those singers sing songs for the animes? Mmm... I thought i was the only japanese influenced guy, but in fact i wasn't. Adrien and Jin listen to japanese songs too...

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