147# IMU result 15/12

147# IMU result 15/12

Finally i had completed the final part of the story in
Decarboxylated. If Adrien did not remind me about it, guess i won't be told to continue my narrations... I felt quite sad to end the story. Actually the story has not end yet. But i'm ending the part of a particular character's history. And i found the story is inspiring. Once again, it's not my original story, but it's from Inoue Takehiko. I'm just put it into words with some modifications, just to share it.

Benacom is left behind for quite sometime. Even Viven herself has not write yet. And i need some ideas to come out with some new stuffs for it...

Feel so bored recently. To be exact, i feel bored everyday! I'm jobless since the October until now. Even
Audrey, who has just begin her holiday for few days also cannot tahan being jobless at home. I'm even worse la ok... Third month liao being jobless at home...

Today is Thursday, once again. The latest movie i have watched as AEON FLUX. The storyline was just as usual. But i found the female character was damn cool. Her figure, he movements, he facial expressions, her costume, her voice... one word, COOL!!

Yesterday night i was looking for mamak friends, again... It was 11pm, and no one was free. Some of them busy, some of them not picking up the calls, some of them refuse to go out... And even one of them was at her boy friend's place, waiting to go to watch Zahura's premier show... Alamak.

In the end... I mamak all alone. Eating at the mamak alone at the table of 4. Luckily i still had this friend who was still over the phone, continued to sms chat with me. Since 8pm we started, and until 12am we ended. Multi task again. Eating, sms, watching football at once. Or bungkus waffle, sms at the same time. Or drive with 60kmph at small road and read sms at the same time... Multi tasking is fun, but danger...

Very sian la... My buddy went pangkor for school vacation. I am left all alone at Klang.

IMU interview result is coming out on 15 DEC. According to Mei Wen, a few of her friends already got offered by the IMU though the official result is not out yet. Sure those people are those "must grab" for the IMU... One more week to 15 Dec... patient... But i always have nightmares for it, sigh...

Jin is coming back on 19 dec, and i got a friend is going to Korea for vacation at the same day as well. One is leaving one is coming back... what la...

Quite fed up in drawing. 2 days ago i spent the whole day drawing the same picture again and again. What came out from my hand were not satisfying. And i redrew for more than 5 times. Two 2B pencils wasted, curve rulers damaged, Pilot pens damaged, mentally damaged, mood destroyed, inpirations gone. What left were just frustrations... Damn it!!

I'm just crapping over here. Nothing else better to do. How wish i could study now like all of you all...

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