149# New Old Stuffs

149# New Old Stuffs

These are my works when i was in Form 2 until Form 4. I used to draw a lot of Samurai X. I learnt a few of techniques from this author. It's really cool enough for me.

And the King of Fighters, Hong Kong style...

These are the funny ones! I hated this teacher a lot so i drew these.

I've shown the blue one to my PM8 classmates, Vivien liked this a lot and asked me to send to her.

I got a few sketches pending for redrawing in ink version. But feel very lazy to do it as i do not think these worth to spend my time with...

And this is the one which i spent for a whole day, but i still could not come out with a satisfying ink version of it...

Anyway i like this piece, though.

My dad came into my room just now and starred at my pictures which i sticked on my wall. I thought that he would going to comment of those evil erotic ones. Instead, he asked which pieces are the lastest ones. Then i showed him the new ones in my clear holder. I know he already notice those erotic pieces i'd drawn. Luckily he did not say anything la.

He ended with "Good work, draw more when you're free."

Oh my God! He agrees me to draw!

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