123# Problem... part 2

123# Problem... part 2

6.40pm, waiting for my youngest sister in my car, who was going to finish her tuition at 6.45pm. Sitting in the car and listening to song "Funeral in Carpathia". From the song i listened to, i estimated i stayed in the car for 3 minutes. Because i noticed that, the car engine was too hot until the reading of the thermometer reached at the 50%.

I was shocked, though my car was not running, which caused the engine to be hot. But it was just a couple of minutes since i started it. Even everytime i drove it at medium speed the thermometer had never increse until 50%.

Turned off the engine, got out from my car and waited for my sister at outside of the tuition centre. It began to rain like cat and dogs.

My sister came down, so i got into the car and drive in the dark, heavy rain. It was already 7pm, and plus the rainning condition, so the traffic was quite jam. I did not drive fast. About 2 minutes of driving, the thermometer increased until 90%!

Damn, what's wrong with my car? I thought because the car was not moving in high speed, so no cooling effect from the wind. So i tried to drive fast as i could.

When i reached at Kampung Jawa's traffic light, i stopped. My sister noticed something and asked. I took a look, holly smoke from my car's bonnet! Thermometer reached at the red alert level, "H" which was "HIGH", 100%!

Omfg... My guess was right, the radiator was not working. Or maybe the coolant already dried out. It was raining and i could not find any place to let me stop my vehicle for the engine to chill. There was just less than 6km to reach home so i took the risk to drive until back home.

Once i stopped the car, the bonnet released smoke. So i tried not to stop as i could. During that dark raining night plus my car condition, it might be damn dangerous if suddenly the car breaks down.

Luckily i managed to reach home. Once i parked my car, i could smell the smoke and the smoke came out from the bonnet like an awful beast.

My dad said i did not check the coolant level. Actually i did when i was working in the EON workshop. I stopped working at 17th of August, guess that i check it around August. By that time the coolant reserve was already dried, so i took out the container and refilled with water. And i checked the coolant level, it was just a little bit lower than the standard.

So i asked the mechanics to change the coolant for me. Unfortunately, the coolant they have for proton cars are different in concerntration than what i need for my suzuki car. So i did not do anything else then.

Now i left my car just like that, let it cool down during the night. Tomorrow my dad is going to check it. What can we do now is just add more water into the radiator. But the car needs coolant, that i need to find at somewhere else since the concentration is different than what i can get in the EON workshop.

I'm really afraid that the extreme heat would damage the gasket. My dad said if it's damaged, got to fix it then sale off the car... My car is a second hand car from my dad's second hand car company. He took the car to let me drive because the car was still new and good to drive. Oh please, i drive this car for the past half a year... i don't want to change wei...

Pitiful, my pathetic car. 2 times of trouble during this week. Guess my car is damned by those people who i had horned with because they pissed me off. I don't simply horn people, only to those who simply stop their vehicle and those who like to cut the queue.

Whatever it is, hope it is still good in condition... God bless my car.

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