121# Problem la...

121# Problem la...

Will: Hey Mike, watcha doin?
Mike: Nothing much, taking my lunch.
Will: Free later ar?
Mike: Got dental appointment at 4pm la, wassup?
Will: Aiya, i'm thinking of watching a movie with you...
Mike: Oh man, i wanna watch too la. Mmm... i can postpone my appointment.
Will: Really ar? Ok you go check the schedule then call me back
Mike: Alright sure no problem!
Will: Oh ya, bring the *tot*... (conversation sensored)
Mike: Never mind la, i'll burn for you...

When Mike stepped out from his door, he walked towards his car. Opened the gate, and wanted to get into the car. What he saw really freaked him out. The left back tyre was punctured.

"Oh damn mf...!" Mike yelled.

He knew what was the problem. The cover where the air is injected into the tyre was removed, obviously someone let go the air and caused the tyre to be "tadak angin".

Mike drives rudely in Klang when he meets pariah drivers. Maybe this was an act of revenge from those pariahs who got f*cked up from Mike.

Mike went to EON Services workshop for a month for practice. He knows to change tyres so he changed himself the punctured tyre with the spared one. This was kinda different from those cars that he had changed before, because his car's a damned 4WD, the tyre is significantly larger than a proton wira's one.

About 21 drips of sweat dripped from Mike's forehead and face onto the ground, finally he had done changing. The experiences that he gained from the workshop was meaningfull. He thanked to his dad in his heart who forced him to work as a car mechanical apprentice.

When the tyre was changed, he sent his tyre to fix at the nearby tyre shop. He cancelled his plan to watch The Rock's DOOM because he had been f*cked up by the DOOM did not take the risk to take a long drive. Therefore he just lepak at Will's place.

Lesson to be learnt
Though sometimes we can counter attack road bullies/idiots/pariahs (you name it) but we must take account of the consequences. Although the tyre was just out of gas, might be naturally, but who knows la? A** 288, Mike's car, he drives rudely when people drive rudely, in the end idiots who got kissed in the ass spotted Mike's car, and shits happened...

Klang is really really full of shit.

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