119# About My Area, Part one

119# About My Area, Part one

Guess what, i'm still using dial up connection, with the speed of 49.5Kbps. It's
49.2 Kilo bit per second, not 49.2 Kilo Btye per second. It's different folks. Tmnet will not consider to extend their cable here for streamyx. Why? It's simply because most of the resident at my area are kling who play only the so-called football. Once they have their balls, that's everything. They are not up to date yet to use a computer. Therefore if you ask them what is broadband, they might thought that is some new kind of roti canai.

Those who came to Klang before sure know how Klang drivers drive. They drive with It's-my-motherfucking-road-so-get-the-Hell-off attitude. Usually a road for one, there'll be two, maybe three, especially in front of a traffic light. Those bugger lazy to queue up, so they'll just stuff their ass into the queue. In the end those who queue up got to stop again for the red light, those who stuff in managed to get off.

Not forget to be mentioned, they like to park their wheels anywhere they like. Imagine you're driving in your car. Then the pak cik in front of you just slow down, stop his car at the middle of the road, then get out of his car and go pasar malam. The cars at the back forced to give signal so that can get to the other side to go through. Sometimes people even unwind their window to verbally screw the idiots who parked like this, but those idiots don't even bother.

A road for two. In front of Shaw Centre point, when there's a car stop at one of the both with it's hazard lights on, it's not necessary that the car is down. When you go near you can see that the driver is sleeping in there, or reading newspaper. Obviously, waiting for someone in their cars without looking for a parking, but just stop at the middle of the damned road. Then you can see all the cars at it's back signal out to get the Hell off.

What i did for a Toyota Wish was, from it's back i get to it's left. Stopped my car, starred at that pair of couple in the car, horned for 5-7 seconds to them. Then just accelerate, went off. I looked back, the car at my back was doing the same as i did, just without horning. But proven that people are actually pissed off with those who simply stop their cars on the road.

Shaw, The Store Centrepoint
The first mall in Klang. Eyesore. Habitat of samseng, punk, nazi, hiphop geng and various circumcised organisms. Worst mall ever other than Mydin (sells ciplak stuffs, RM10 for a Levi's). The air-con in the mall is scented with smell of unwashed idiots, ciggarettes, and wheats. The unwashed go to the mall is not to shop, but to flirt, share wheats, and illegal gathering. It's the worst mall ever you can imagine. And i go there more than once a week, for my pitiful electric guitar class and for arcade games.

Intermediate Conclusion
Do consider before you come to Klang. Nyek nyek...

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