117# The Fourteenth Marble

117# The Fourteenth Marble

I'm just too free to be at home. Other than guitar, console game, online, tv... i spent most of my time on drawings...

Now this is the 14th of the year, Marble. The previous one sucks and luckily this one looks a lil bit better. I posted those at
here and i got lots of comments that push me further.

Man, i need something better to do. Guitar and drawing are really hurting my left hand. I could not sleep few nights ago because of this. My left hand was damn painful....

This is the reference from the laptop. I turned off the laptop and drew based on memory. It was kinda big challenge...

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

and this is the caricature. Sigh, hope my brain photocopy technique has no end.

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