112# Hospital Attachment - Phase 4

112# Hospital Attachment - Phase 4

Critical Care Unit

Sitting there and did nothing... Suddenly the nurse manager came to me and asked:

"So what had you learnt over here?"

With that kind if strict expression, made me feel like a teacher was asking me question regarding studies.

I answered, tried to give perfect answers because i knew if i did not then i'll be scold or something.

"There is a device which check the partial pressure of oxygen level in the patient's
blood settled at the patient's finger. The blood pressure is checked automatically by the pump, wrapped at the patient's right arm, in every 30 minutes as shown in the monitor. There're 5 sensors sticked on the patient's chest to check the heart rate and the respiration rate of the patient is also shown by the monitor..."

I just talked about the devices that i could see at the patient. Actually there were
nothing much i could learn anymore.

"And the patient is given 0.9% sodium chloride salium IV drip, which drip rate is
controlled by the device there to squeeze the solution in the tube. The syringe pump at the bottom is not used because the patient is not give any heavy drugs..."

More i said as to back myself up... The nurse manager looked really strict that time, her eyesight swallowed me alive.

"Ok Mike, so what is this case then?"

"According to the nurses this guy is suffering from dengue, and he fainted before. That's why he was sent to here from level 5..."

"OK, actually there're more IV drips other than saline. Later i'll call (some staff
nurse's name...) to show you"

"All right Mike you passed!" my thought, was.

Later than the nurse showed me the other kind of drips. Basically saline, which is 0.9% sodium chloride is more generally used. And there are also 5% glucose solution, 0.9/5 sodium chloride + glucose solution, sodium chloride for irrigations, protein solution that i can't remember the name, and the others that i really can't remember all the names. Too much to remember, could not digest all...

Waiting for the clock to strike at 5. The nurses there asked me, "Boring kan?". They
knew, of cause la...

It was 5pm, i went to the administration office. Find that clerk, gave her the back my practical student tag, get my testimonial... Then i'm officially completed my hospital attachment over there for a month...! But in fact some of the days i did not go...

Oct, Nov, Dec, Jan. I haven't apply for imu yet. Going to apply fast!! But it's not first come first serve one right...? If i get a place there than feb i'll starting my course. So i've 4 more months here to spend...

I do not want to go back to the car workshop again. I rather be in Hell, but car workshop is Hell... So i decided to take Russian class at somewhere during these 4 months... I know Ampang got, but too far for me. Any idea where offers Russian language class? Inform me then.

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