101# Fly Away from here... Pt.4

Phase 2

101# Fly Away from here... Pt.4

Today was Michelle's one. Different from the past 3 farewells, this one we had it in 1u, just for a lunch. We got Michelle, Audrey, Sue Jern, Xin You, Wai King, Wei-Jin, Tai Ken, and me, myself and i... Harpreet and Justin could not join us for lunch because they were imprisoned for working in Chilli's...

Fish and chips in Fish & Co. was just ok. But Jin's Swordfish set was a bit huge for a person to finish... Right after the lunch we went lepak for a while. Then i felt hungry again, as usual. Went coffee bean...

Harp had not taken his lunch yet so he ordered some food to eat. I followed. When i took my muffin and mocha in a tray to our table, Audrey and Michelle were like so freaked out to see me eating again. Well, Mike's a frequent eater, but i'm not bottomless like Jin, haha. Jin eats a lot.

Expected to see Poh Yoke there since she goes 1u every weekend... And yes, we met her there, again. How wish my house is just so near to such a big mall.

Actually to go to 1u and places like MV, Damansara, Kajang are really hard for me. Imagine i will need 20 minutes from home to Klang KTM station, then 1 hour from Klang to KL sentral, and then 20 minutes to reach Kelana jaya. Without considering time taken to wait for a bloody train. Therefore basically i need 2 hours to get to Kelana jaya, and wait for someone to pick me up... 2 hour plus needed for the way back since everything is slow during the evening, i mean the damned trains.

Today when i was at LRT station at KL sentral, i could not get into the train and i missed it. Actually...

" The doors were closing 3 inches in front of me, helpless..."

And the way back, when i heard the sound from the train, i walked faster. And this time...

" The doors were closing 3 metres in front of me, missed it again..."

Damn it...! But one lucky thing was that LRT train arrives in every 7 minutes. If it was KTM, i sure will curse like crazy because i will need to wait for another 15 to 20 minutes for a next train. KTM sucks.

I think i'm the only hardcore public transport user among us. I'm not allowed to drive even to Sunway, therefore i need public transports and hosts for me to parasite with. Feel bad also when everytime i need to ask for someone's favor.

Anyway, thanks to Michelle for the rides today... We shall meet again since we are still young. She is one year younger than me la. I feel i'm so old and left behind...

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