110# Hospital Attachment - Phase 3

110# Hospital Attachment - Phase 3

I dislike old ladies, age range of 40-50.

Other than the menopaused goat racist english teacher that i faced during form 4 and form 5, now in the hospital i faced the same problem also.

"You're not a medical student, so you should not be here. This is something private. Even 3rd year medical students are not allowed to be here too."

The old staff nurse said to me, with that kind of "Get-the-Hell-out-of-here" expression, made me felt so insulted.

But so what? The doctor already allowed me to enter to observe. I did not say a word. Then that nurse uncovered the blanket from the old lady patient.

Ok, it was something private so what the Hell? Who the Hell will be so happy to see an old lady's backside? Which the whole anus gone, palm sized wound spreaded near to the female genital. Diabetis case apparently.

It was something serious which a student must observe in order to learn right? If everything is kept out of students' eyes, who the Hell will going to be doctor then in the future?

I hate that nurse, though i've only met her once. She does not deserve to be a nurse under me if one day i am a doctor there, if la. Because i do not believe that this god damn nurse will have such a long life.

Just now i was doing nothing outside the emergency department, sitting. Suddenly i fell asleep.

"Please do not sleep at here, or else people will think that my staff..."

That sound woke me up. The old nurse manager walked passed and sounded at me. Ok, it was my fault. I should not sleep over there. But the way she said that was so prejucided. And i am not her staff ok? I'm not paid. If i'm god damned paid then i won't be sitting doing nothing over there.

3 more days to go. Critical Care Unit. Seriously i can't stand to have attachment over there. The people are like never see a practical student before. Though i'm not, but i'm wearing that tag.

They are like walking in the zoo, and i'm the tiger.

I've tired to answer questions like who am i, why the Hell am i there, am i paid, what the heck i do over there... Oh come on,please, give me a break, idiots.

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