108# Codominance

108# Codominance

Actually i used to be a very hot tempered person. Those who know me well will know that I'll get pissed off very fast and i can't hide my feelings.

The main reason is the inheritance from my parents.
Extremely hot tempered + soft and polite = Gentle violent

Codominance took place where i got both of the attributes. Most of the times i'm very polite. But sometimes when shit happens, effects will be indicated by my face.

When i was young, i could not control my temper well. That's why i could have verbal fight with 4 cow-eaters teachers in the teachers' office when i was in Form 4. Those teachers were damn racist against me and thus triggered me out. In the end, of cause i won la. Form 4 only, but don't play play ah.

In the same year, and until Form 5 were the worst year ever during secondary school life because of a menopaused bitch teacher. She discriminates everyone of us, especially towards the mandarin spoken students in my class.

She discriminates them because they only speak in malay but not in english.
She discriminates us because we read China Press instead of The Star.
She discriminates those who act like sakai and not civilized enough.

So during her class, moral and english classes, my coffin face was always there and i knew she had eye sore to see me in the class...

Grace asked,
"Why you so cool one during tuition class?"

Ok, that was during form2. I went there for tuition of cause. Without any reason i did not smile or something and that was how people said, my cool image.

Even until form4 the condition remained. My image worsen by my appearance, black violent evil t-shirts and my coffin face. Frightened everyone off, and the chicks as well, sadly. That's why could not kao lui with that face. I even say hello with my middle finger to 200+ of them in front of the Add Maths class. "Go to Hell...!!"

But when i was in form5, things seemed to be fine, due to some reasons. Needed to be considerate and understanding for the sake of taking care of the other half. And then Mike turned out to be a very friendly guy... walao, very astonishing ain't?

Once i entered college, smile is never concealed. Grow up already cannot always show shitty face to the others ma. Until now, i rarely show my temper.

Smile... even your heart is aching... like Jin says.

Maybe sometimes i do. If some waiter/ess make me tulan in the restorant, before i leave i'll mess up the whole table. Turn the plates upside down, spread the remaining foods, make the table dirty... oh man, i'm such a brat.

Somehow in real life we must endure even the worst shit happens. We can't just show our dissatisfied face to everyone right...? Patient, patient... but too much of patience causes increase of blood pressure, thus hypertension. So how? Damn...

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