111# Help

111# Help

June of last year, i remember. I was hanging around with Joshua at Sunway Pyramid for arcade games. We were crazy for KOF 2003 that time. And there was this friend called Joanne sms-ed me.

Joanne - Hey Mike, I'm study in ALC now and i'm staying at Klang. Wanna meet up?

Something like this she typed. She stayed in Kuala Selangor so i never meet her, just saw her through photos that she sent to me. We were pen pal when we were young, 5 years ago...

I replied,
Mike - Hey... Then you should know The Shaw Centre Point right? Saturday i'm having guitar class there.

Joanne - Cannot la, saturday i busy, weekdays can?

That period i sent letter to the general hospital klang, requested for hospital attachment. My request had no response in the end, though.

Mike - Cannot la... I'll be doing hospital attachment during my holidays.

Joanne - What la you, holiday also don't want come to find me. I know you study smart d la, busy all the times then forget me this friend d la...

She got lots of grammar mistake, but i can roughly remember what she typed. Because her bithcy words pissed me off.

Mike - Seriously i'll be busy la, saturday only la...

Joanne - whatever la, fine.

Whatever? Ok whatever... I did not reply and play the arcade game once i found a seat.

Back to 2005, last week

I was sleeping, then this girl sms-ed me.

Joanne - Mike, is me your old friend joanne! Can you do me a favor?

Damn it... not this time. I need to sleep man. Some more i do not like this girl's attitude. I ignored, continued to sleep.

I woke up, replied her.
Mike - Hey i was sleeping just now, so wassup?

Joanne - Sorry Mike, can you help me to book a room in First World Hotel Genting?

... What the heck? Can't she do it by herself?

Mike - Hey my desktop is down damn long time ago and i can't go online.

Joanne - Please la... just book for me please... i got no computer

Mike - Den go cafe only la...

That's all, she did not reply me then.

I'm being straight now, my opinion, she is that kind of bitch who thinks that she is so attractive and ppl will do her favors if she begged. In fact, vice versa.

I would help if the person is fine by me. But definitely not her. I dislike her attitude. Some friends will ask me for help sometimes and i will try to help them if i could.

This friend called me to check for pharmacy course in UTAR, i did. And discussed with her about pharmacy course in Nottingham and IMU. I'm willing to help because the person at the other side asked with sincere.

And this friend asked me for few times to get her some infomation for her projects. I helped though i was having headache and sleepy. No problem for me because i was on the line so i could help.

But not definitely helping that slut, who sms-ed me when i was sleeping, begged for nothing, and pissed me off with her bitchy attitude last year. I'm not taking revenge or anything, she does not deserve any help. That's about it.

Guys are kind to girls, but not all. Especially those bitchy ones. Basically I'm fine with all girls, except that person mentioned.

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