66(6)# Benighted Satan

66(6)# Benighted Satan

"Biblical choirs soars beyond veiled light, a swansong for ravens trapped in flapping light."
From "Tearing Veil from Grace"

Once i was so scared to it. It frightens me in my nightmares. And i could not distinguish where was i. Still trapped in my dream? Or already in reality? Within tat period i was like totally possessed and under controlled. Hands were even shaking when i was brushing my teeth in front of a mirror...

3 years ago, when i started to go deeper and deeper into music. I knew that there's no turning back. Now when i looked back, what initiated me were just like nothing for me right now. Ppl always look for the greater ones. And now, I'm totally out of the nightmares. I'm more normal then just normal.

When thinking back, i was so damn (sic). Could not really sleep at night. Afraid to fall asleep. Once i did, i'll try to wake myself up. Bcoz once i slept all the gory and terrifying images will infest my brain. Everytime i'll wake up with the sweat infiltrated bed sheet. I did not know once i opened my eyes, am i still goin to be responsible for wat i did. Opened my cupboard, there were no any dead bodies as i saw i put them inside in my dreams. And the box where i kept the head of the guy tat i hate, nothing inside. And my hands were not in red. Felt so thankful... but now i feel it was so pissin off.

All of those were just some minor side effect for those over stressed ppl. Additionally the stress amplified by the audio stimuli... Those are what i got.

Now, all of those are not a problem for me anymore, since i already overcome it. Like what that old guy said to bruce, me myself be the fear... mmm... Sounds reasonable. Views from Thinking Skills? No way, CAL is over.

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