63# Another day

63# Another day

I din go out to lepak these two days. Yesterday i stayed at home and tried to draw. After
hours and hours of hardwork, what i drew was not satisfying. Damn... i shall try to drawagain, which i titled "Love Addict Overture".

Today i spent like 2 hours to play a song. One of my favourite, titled "Funeral in Carpathia". After 2 hours of playing, my left hand and arm pain like hell... 8 minutes and 24 seconds, only some short piano interlude in between. Feel so contained when i could play 85% of that song... I dunno who died in Carpathia la, but it's still a very good song to play.

Planned to go KLCC to lepak since i need to bring Susan there for her Convernt school reunion. Well i might now some of her old sch mates bcoz they had tuition in the same centre with me last time. Not tat thick skin to kacau their reunion. So i'm looking for someone who want to go there with me. Damn... there's no one i can think of who is able to go with me. My evil twin might need more time to spent with his other half. My klg kaki-s r already finished their sch holiday. And some other elses, see first la. Dunno wat to do at KLCC also. Things are not tat affordable to shop, for me. Since last year til now never go dy... Who want to go with me den inform me la.

Today my sisters and mother were so excited to watch the korean series, dunno call wat la. In chinese called as " Da Chang Jing". Dunno why it's so famous la among those mothers. My frens mothers also gila tat series. My aunties also watching. Spent money to buy ther DVD some more...

I think i gonna spend some time to update our PM8 class page at circles99. Long time never login d... bcoz everyone was so busy for exams, it was neglected for quite some time. Now it will be visited frequently since we are relying it to stay in contact with the others, other than by msn, blogs and stuffs like tat.

I dunno wat to do for tmr. Monday. Form 6 ppl are schooling. After sch, they'll need to go for tuition classes. I find no gang in klg... Taylor kaki-s who are free are all in KL, Pj... someone wanna come to klg ar? i'll be the tour guide. Bring u all to eat BKT, visit the burnt Great wall shopping centre, witness how pariah those idiots will be, my half-assed 2nd sch, and my poor kennel at Tmn sentosa. Wanna come?

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