64# Sixthy Four, Four Six, Fall Sick

64# Sixthy Four, Four Six, Fall Sick

Four days i've never go out lepak. Within these few days i went out only for dinners, to fetch my sisters from school and for lunch... I feel i lost my communication to the outside world... What is happenin around within these days? I need to go update myself... Subang, MV used to be my second home, now, i'm stuck in klg...

Tmr is the 15th, The Batman Begins... I wanna go out to watch this movie... Anyone out there wanna watch ar? So many days never go out, think i'm falling (sic)...

Yesterday tot of goin out for arcade games. I was scared by my sisters tat they told me now petrol price is high. Well, perhaps i stay at home la. If drive out for the purpose of arcade only sounds a lil bit c2pid. Just now i went out to tambah petrol, i added RM35 only, it only filled almost half of the tank! Damn! Petrol price is really killing.

Find 1 day, b4 i go to redang. We all shall go Ken's place and DoTA the whole night. I can't wait to slay them, in the game..!! Ah ha, i'm the one got killed instead by Jin.

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