57# Play water

57# Play water

Goin redang on next month. Now the problem is, go by bus or by plane?Plane is kinda cheap by air asia, but it's only for the trip there. Comin back it'll be very expensive... tis is how they earn la of coz... but my bus seems to be cheaper, indeed. But then 8 hours wo... compared to by plane 15 minutes. 8 hours my butt will burnt la... anyway this depends to our daddy justin to decide... he plans everything.

Thanks to justin the daddy!! Hope we can have fun there... Jin is not goin bcoz he got piano exam at penang soon. So he is goin to stick his fingers to the keys... Diploma is goin to be hard so he needs more practices. To give up what he can during that 35minutes... so not joinin us la... but we still have kong fui, the character of pervert among us is overtaken by him. so... still ok la. Just scare tat he might kacau me at night... oh no...

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