65# Noctural Pulse

65# Noctural Pulse

How shud i start... Well i think it worth 8.0 out of 10, Batman Begins is kinda good movie. It interpreted how bruce wayne's parents got killed, what bruce scares of and why he wanted to fight the crime.

Though this guy Christian Bale is still new in movies, but he is still ok la. His look can fight with Orlando, haha... but the female actoress ok ok only.

Batman only appear at night to fight for justice - Bats are noctural. No wonder la. Are criminals noctural too? They are on 24/7, bcoz there's no hero who fights for justice in Msia like batman spiderman superman etc.... Wait for those 4 "phantastica" ppl la.

The part tat i like the most in the movie was when bruce stood in a "sea" of bats in the cave. I felt myself was like drowning... He fights against his fear, in the end he overcome the dread. A very good lesson to be learnt.

" Don't afraid, let yourself be the fear ".

Is this an applicable method for ppl to overcome their fears? Closed dark room does frightens me but i never seemed to get rid of this. Therefore i always let the door opened, with lights off when i'm sleeping. This is kinda dangerous when someone trespasses into my room, i might get...

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