441# Kirurgi - Av friskt blod og fungating kreft

One week has officially passed for Surgery posting.

Me and other four of my colleagues got posted to the female surgical ward at the top floor of the hospital. Waiting for the lift every morning isn't the best thing to start the day.

In this ward, it's active everyday, the patient's turnover rate is high, and we have eight beds to cover person. Therefore covering the ward is quite a hard task to do.

On top of it, we don't have our university's lecturers to come as to give us extra teaching unlike in the male wards. I'm not happy about this but somehow there will still be some of us to be in this ward and I'm just being the one of them.

And it's so obvious the grouping is "arranged" so perfectly.

Apart from the busy daily 7.30am - 10.00pm ward work to do, there are plenty of stuffs to study. Last week I selectively printed out some of the surgical journals at home which I downloaded from the university's drive.

After careful selection, I still managed to print out 20 sets of the journals. There are about 300 sets of journals in there. I know it's impossible to study everything so there's no point to print them all.

Three more weeks down the road for this posting. I have not scrub-in in the operating theater yet. But during my anaesthesia posting I managed to intubate a 77 year old patient successfully. It was my first try on a live person and to be honest I was quite surprised that it was not that hard as I imagined.

The heart-pumping corridor. We will be there in less than 5 months time.

Remember I mentioned that my 1.5 years old Dell XPS laptop fried? I got it fixed and the price costed a netbook's price. Funny enough, Dell sent me a complimentary speaker to my house, as informed to me during the phone call.

I thought it could be like the 2.1 ch power woofer system, like the Edifier I'm using now, but who knows it turned out to be super portable;

Ok, I didn't shouldn't have any expectations.

I thought that they would give me something cool because of the payment I made for the repair. It turned out to be a pair of ultra compact laptop speakers which run on USB power.

Very slim, can be kept in the pocket. Can put in 4 AAA batteries in the battery pack as external power source without the USB. "Natural" sound indeed as stated in the cover, I used it once in university when I was practicing drums with Eugene since the XPS's speakers aren't loud enough.

Have to wake up in five and a half hours of time. Better read up and then go to sleep.

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sin yee said...

Looking at the dilated veins on both my thighs which are getting worse due to prolonged standing in the ward,i'm telling myself that definitely i'm gonna see vericose veins developing slowly in later part of my life. Yeah that's life as part of the health care team. It's always not easy. But i'm sure you are doing a good job there, Mike. So keep it up!


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