438# Merry Christmas

It's Christmas eve now and I'm home bound.

I didn't even notice that today is the eve, I have been lost track to dates ever since my elective started.

Christmas trees are everywhere, at every major malls which I went.

It's a good reminder for people. These decorations reminds of people of the festival, so that people will shop for Christmas presents for their friends and family.

So in that way, spending a small amount of money for these decorations can stimulate the business of the shopping complex. Isn't that just brilliant?

And I guess that applies for all the festivals in our country throughout the year.

Christmas is never part of my celebration list. I used to follow my friends to go to the Churches for celebrations, about a thousand years back. I also went to friends' houses for turkeys.

Ever since I went to the university, I took out this festival from my celebration list. Therefore, it's been a while since I accept any Christmas gift from people.

Oh yes, we did have Christmas gift exchange during the pre-clinical school days. And that time our university always have celebrations for it and we got free food and sketches going on there.

Having said so, I just remembered that last year I performed during Christmas in the clinical school. I was on the drums for a short song and Dr. Sheila and Esther were on the vocals, along with a group of choir.

And I left after my performance and went to the lounge to study.

This year, I missed the Christmas performance in the university because I'm currently away and doing my selective. During this period, apart from the Christmas celebration, I also missed out the chance to perform for Diwali night!

They were short of drummer that time and I was asked to go back to help. I really wanted to but I was doing my attachment in KL that time so I have to decline them. Chances of me being on stage for music performance is getting lesser and lesser now, sad.

I guess Christmas is just not my kind of thing. I'm going to meet up with a few sticks from my university tomorrow for lunch and at night, another stick for guitar stuff.

Few days ago I saw Santa and I requested to take a photo with him. I snatched his ukulele from him and he did this flying pose. A nice guy who has done a great job in attracting people's attention there.

Under the white beard I could see his perfectly fair skin. I think he was from Korvatunturi in Lapland Province, no doubt for that.

Merry Christmas people. May Santa makes your wallet thicker.

That's my wish.


CarynBear said...

so nice ...
i miss christmas decorations at d malls bak home ..

Mike said...

belfast there should have more decorations right. and snow. so cold.

stinchan said...

Kaisho (HELLO) and Feliz Nevada (merry christmas) from Olazti, Spain ! Be a good knn this year or the Olenchero will give you charcoal instead of presents

Mike said...

wow, u're spending ur xmas in spain? where is my gift chan? what's spain famous for? hmmm...

CarynBear said...

haha. same deco as last year lar. at home still the best ..

Mike said...

same deco? that's a bit sien but nvm. home is not so far away :)

home is just right next to ur heart.

CarynBear said...



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