435# Elective Final: Intemezzo Liberte Cover

After weeks of waiting, finally the song has done mixing and mastering.

"Intermezzo Liberte" by Michael Amott, guitarist of Swedish Melodic Death Metal band called Arch Enemy.

I've added a video for it as for fun's sake. I play the song through the walkman player, play the guitar and record it at the same time. I wanted to replace the audio of this video entirely with the original studio recorded audio but I have no idea on how to do it.

I've tried my best to make it sound nice but it's still not as perfect as I wanted it to be. And yet, it's still something.

As mentioned in the previous posts before, during the first day of recording I recorded the bass guitar, acoustic guitar, and electric rhythm guitar with double tracking.

And during the second day of recording I recorded the electric lead guitar (which was the hardest, but surprisingly took the least time) with some double tracking. The drum part was made using drum machine, didn't manage to record it due to time and budget constraint, which was quite a disappointment.

Finally there are some orchestra parts in the song was done through the sound programme. There was no keyboard in the studio which was quite irony but still, I can't play the keyboard, and neither the violins.

Overall I give myself 65% for this song. I know which were the parts which I screwed up, but it's too late to change it already now since everything is already finalised. But still, the most important thing is that I did have a lot of fun recording this song :)


Syful said...

hey dude, linked your blog if you don't mind, so you have a passion in music too? interesting ^^ keep it up!

Mike said...

no problem man. i like both music and gundam too haha.


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