263# Perish of our Bride

263# Perish of our Bride

I've been using the nick |Mike| - Perish of our Bride for quite some time at the msn. More than a month, i think.

But i never thought that this phrase can be used as a title for this entry today.

28th Jan, evening. I was surfing the net and i saw a news from a forum. This taiwanese actress named 许伟伦 met an accident and got admitted, was on coma or something that time. It was around 5pm if i'm not wrong.

When i came back from dinner, i continue to stare at the computer. Out of a sudden, my sister who was watching the tv, said that she just passed away.

God, that was fast.

The mini cooper that she was in was crashed at the back. The driver at the front survived, but she wasn't that lucky.

The accident took place 2 days before her death. After 44 hours of struggling with the god of death, she died under the scythe. ECG, flat line.

Doctors and specialists tried hard to save her, and they actually spent 5 times more than usual to save a dead. After 2 hours of attempt, the outcome was still the same.

Upon the crash, a magazine at the back of the car flipped open to page 128, which shows the movie "Death Note 2". That got people thinking that the crash might be a curse or something. Further more, the main character of Death Note manga series, Yagami Raito was killed by his God of Death on 28th of Jan year 2010.

This girl written a book and at page 128, she mentioned about what she wanted her friends to do if she passed away. And the day she really passed away was 28th of Jan 2007.

So many 128... That's scary.

By the way, i'm not sure how to name the cause of her death in English. I got to know all the news from chinese newspaper and chinese forum. English sources don't bother to report all these.

She was such a wonderful person with a great talent in music. But god just took her life away just like that. She didn't even get a chance to release an album even though she wanted to.

I got to know her from some variety show few years back. Her appearance was chillin' but gorgeous at the same time. I'd say she is the most beautiful person i've seen among the taiwanese.

She acted in quite a few of taiwan drama series. I'm not a big fan of series and i'm kind of anti idol series. But i do not anti her. I like her more than any other artists.

She featured in one of the chinese magazine's cover image. The picture was so gorgeous until i couldn't tell that was her before i read the words on the cover to find out her name there. That might be the last magazine which she appeared on cover.

The magazine is Cita Bella or whatever if i'm not wrong. December 2006 or January 2007 issue. I wonder if the magazine is still available. If anyone found it, get one for me please. Thanks.

She's only 28...

Click here for the news of her death, in chinese. And this about the car crash.

picture source

Anyway, R.I.P. 许伟伦 (1979 - 2007).

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