258# The End of CVS

258# The End of CVS

The assessment for cardiovascular system is over. I walked away the multipurpose hall with guilt.

For the whole system, we were study the anatomy, physiology, pathology and pharmacology of the heart and its system.

I focused a lot for the pharmacology part because i think playing around with drugs are interesting. And i predicted of case studies were out then drugs will me asked.

But none of the drugs were asked. None.

Seriously, i need more luck to sit for an exam.

During the first summative assessment for this semester, i scored accidentally. Nobody believed that i didn't study much. Everybody thinks that i studied like mad.

In fact, i didn't. Therefore, for the second summative assessment, i pressed myself too much.

After the second summative, Darren looked at me with sunshine shone on his face. Apparently he did well, and he wondered whether i could make a streak.

Too bad i screwed up that paper, and i farked him off.

I felt bad that i did so.

This time, for the CVS assessment, i dare not to press myself. I studied when i could, and i stopped when i couldn't go on. Just tried not to stress myself too much like what i did during the second summative.

In the end, CVS still screwed me up.

I didn't study the pathology pictures of the heart at all... And i think i did worst than my second summative.

When we walked out from the exam hall, second summative results were already there to be collected.

I thought i would have failed it, but luckily, i was at the verge of failing.

That's a B.

B- is fail, i glad that at least i didn't fail it. Even though it just contributes 5% for the final assessment, the difference between each grades is just about zero point... whatever mark... But each of every spilt mark is important too.

If otherwise i would have passed straight away during my first semester without going through the hassle of the borderline VIVA interview.

Anyway, i'm glad that i passed my second assessment. Surprisingly my friends scored quite well, a few of them got an A for it even though it's a hard paper according to my sister.

I just feel upset that my efforts did not make me answer well for my CVS assessment. I wonder could i pass my finals on the next semester with this kind of level.

Was thinking of quit medicine yesterday. Maybe i had too much time to think yesterday and all the negative thoughts just screw me inside out.

To get rid of that i went out with friends to watch a Thai horror titled "Cadaver" at 11.30pm.

It didn't freak me out or anything. Not that we have cadavers for us to dissect in the IMU. Maybe next time.

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