260# Fraser Hill

260# Fraser Hill

I went to 3 hills within last year. Firstly Cameron highlands, Genting highlands, and few weeks ago during CVS study break, the Fraser Hill.

The journeys towards uphill and go downhill were not fun. Not fun. It were freaking dizzin' and making one's head to explode.

Anyway for those who are going to spend their weekends at Kuala Kubu Baru during the hospital posting, Fraser Hill could be one of the places where you guys can hang out, if you all are getting bored of the coasters at Genting highlands.

If you like green, you may like Fraser Hills. This place is basically green. Oh yeah, green. The touch with the natural is really enjoyable. You can breathe in more oxygen too instead of the carbon monoxide from your kling neighbours or the smoke of cheaplak cigars.

The water from the hill is rather clear before it was contaminated by the curry poured by your kling neighbours. I touched the water from the waterfall, cool. Of course i didn't drink it. There were a couple playing water at the waterfall, i doubt if there any foreign liquid mixed into the water there.

The scenary is pretty good and relaxing. There was an ang mo taking pictures around over there. I wonder if he could take any nice pictures.

Fraser hill is basically about chilling out and relaxing. There are no fantastic arcade games, no coasters, no karaoke (available at apartments, though), no pub, no chicks, no DoTA.

There are still a few towns though over there where you can get some souveniers and food. The roundabouts you may find there is rather small, size about twice as big as the pond you have at home to feed kois. Don't forget to pose like a sohai right there at take a picture.

Other than waterfall and scene seeking, archery is one of the activity apart from old man's golf. For left handed suckers like me had to stand a side. Equipment provided is meant for right handed, and right handed only. Damn unfair.

There is this public toilet where requires visitors to pay. Just drop in 20 cents before or after you use it. Surprisingly the toilet is cleaner than i imagined. And i noticed that there were no one give a shit to the coin box. They just entered, or just left straight away.

But still, there was someone who cared too. I didn't carry any coins so i just dropped RM1 note into it and posed like a super sohai. Due to the super sohai-ness, i have to remove it by editing the picture.

And yes, of course, keep the place clean. Even though i didn't see many dustbins around. Heck, how they want us to keep the place clean then? More bins, please.

I like green fields, and trees. I hope that in the future i could have this big house with this big yard fulled with trees. Hope only la.

For those who still haven't ride a house, this place is meant for you all too. I have not ride one before as long as i could remember. And i didn't take the chance before i'm too afraid of gigantic living animals.

Before you leave, make sure you get some souveniers from the shops around. And make sure you get those super provocative ones.

That's it. Fraser hills.

I don't think i'll go there again within these few years. Because the journeys climbing up and down the hill is freaking dizzy...

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