262# KKB

262# KKB

4 days, 3 nights of staying in the Kuala Kubu Baru. Some say it stands for Ku Ku Bird, and that was very well said. What a KKB place it is.

It is located at Hulu Selangor, literally, the Ulu area of Selangor.

The place is surrounded by trees, trees, and more trees. Basically a small semi-civilsed area located in a deep forest. A natural habitat of all giant sized, sort of mutated, big fat mosquitoes.

If you stay a little long over here, you might not be afraid of normal sized mosquitoes outside your house. The mosquitoes over there are more than 1cm in size.

The girls are lucky. They stayed at the nurse hostel in the hospital. The guys were not that bad, we stayed at the hostel outside. Where we need to wake up early to get the bus which fetched us to the hospital.

We had to wake up as early as 6.30am to get prepared since the bus will be there around 7.30am. We reached at the hospital before 8am, when the girls were still sleeping peacefully in their hostels.

The briefing and allocaments will only start after 9am, so we all had more than 1 hour to kill while the girls still taking their sweet time to prepare themselves.

Overall i had a very good learning experience since that was the first time i got my own real patient to take history and examine with. Before that what we had were just simulated patients in the university. But now, those were real patients with all kinds of positive signs and symptoms. And most importantly, they have the "sick" feelings.

The distance from guys' hostels to the town is about 20 minutes of walking distance. Note, that is for guy's walking speed. But since we all were taking non sense during walking, therefore the 20 minutes were quite insignificant.

The small town at KKB is kind of dead. There are just a few rows of shops with history. The strange thing about the shops was that in such a small town, there are actually more than 5 mobile phone shops.

The owners of the mobile phone shops was sort of desperate. Understood, it's not easy to have business in such a small town.

We did not manage to have bbq since we have only 1 car, and the girls refused to walk from their hostel to ours, which might take 40 minutes for them to walk with.

But instead, we had Yovahn for the first 2 days.

We actually had 3 dinners at the same restaurant. It's restaurant 98, i think some of you all might already predicted it. We were sick of the spicy and oily food we had during lunch at the hospital canteen. Therefore we would have something lighter, but fillin' at the same time.

And the 4 scoops ice cream for RM2.20 were really worth it. Since we are the fourth group, so i can presumme that the numbers of ice creams sold to us is more than what the kakak could sell in a few months.

Walking back from the town to the hostel wasn't that enjoying. Not only dark, but chillin'. The surrounding was scary enough. At first we reminded ourselves not to call each other's real name, but heck, we forgot about it after 10 seconds.

During the second night, we were talking about the movie "Saw". We ended up with telling ghost stories, which caused everyone of us sleep with fear.

Wtf. Discrimination.

The whole point about this rotation posting thingy is about the plans at night. Of course we can't leave without playing cards. Dai di, bluff, heart attack... Those card accompanied us for the whole 4 days.

Before sleep, Cho dai di. Come back from hospital, Cho dai di. In the bus, Cho dai di...

While we played heart attack, i got punched for few times. The other poor fella even worst, number of him got punched was equal to number of games he joined. And another fella was funny, he always punch himself.


We usually sleep after 1am or 2am. I didn't sleep during the first night because i couldn't get myself used to the new, strange enviroment. I slept less than 10 hours for 3 nights. That's why i could almost fall asleep in front of the doctor when we were doing our case presentations.

Through this posting, it makes me realize that i do not know much things in fact. I need to read up more.

The apprentice?

We will be back, before our Semester 3 End of Semester exam. That sucks. Guess we will not play that much that time but study for the finals instead.

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