54# The Fallen Interlude

54# The Fallen Interlude

Studied since the morning til now, my mind is really saturated with biology... I'm quite confused with the negative feedbacks of the hormones. Once the oestrogen is high, it inhibits the secretion of FSH from the anterior pituitary gland. Lacking of FSH causes no oestrogen, this only occur during ovulation(?)... ah, what ever la... so sick of this chapter. I also dun understand why wei-jin likes this chapter so much. Though he hibernates in the class but he is still able to get A for it, God... hope he's not reading this.

Actually i screwed my biology theory paper quite seriously. I did worse than in the trial. I din expect tat all i studied din come out. I swallow kidneys alive but none of it came out. Voon Wei happy la in this case bcoz he din study it. Most of the questions, almost all are ques with 2,3 marks. Jor... how are we goin to write 3 points la since we got no enuf points to write. The ques paper was just almost blank. Short ques, but large spaces to write answers which required 3 marks...

Q: Explain how impulses are generated by the sensory neurons in the finger.I din hv any idea about it... so I just bull shitted about the threshold frequencies...But the actual answer was about the sodium potassium pump in the axons... When i got the idea to write, times up... I just managed to write til depolarisation... I din write repolarisation yet then the teacher said "stop writing or else u'll get ass kicked". Sigh... Stopped la of coz. But Dr.Karanbir was still writing... Ha, his own style.

Phy is just c2pid la... Too confidented in the radioactive decay graph. i din hv much time to read the ques, so i just plotted the graph. But actually wat it wanted was the opposite... The graph of Iron instead of decay of Manganese... Shit...!!! And i couldnt answer the oscillation ques tat needed to draw graphs. Screwed all the graphs la.

Phy option also really funny. Asking all the definitions.
Q: Definte Polluiton.A: Natural and artificial acts tat will cause harm to the earth, environment and human itself.

This's how i answered. Jor... sick la. Asking all the general knowledges in enviromental phys. Phy of fluid ok la, calculations no big deal. Just tat Stroke's Law and turbulence din come out... i only have phy practical to back my phy up... Got B last time so my grade is very dangerous la...
Tmr we have bio option. Then friday we'll busy for chem theory and mechanics... 2 papers within 1 day. Help.... i suck in chem la... havent study yet. Mechanics... can do la i think.

A2 is just hard...

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