380# Crack

380# Crack

Yesterday we were kind of in a rush. We were going to Port Dickson Hospital for the OT (Operation Theater) session.

We had to get there as early as possible, as long as we are don't get there after DK (our surgeon, dean of clinical school). When I reached at rhe university to pick up everyone, they said our surgeon has left!

Panic, I had to get there before he does. So I tried to drive fast with 4 other colleagues of mine. When I passing the toll, my bad habit comes back again.

I don't stop my car entirely when I pass through the Smart Tag toll. I'll just slow down my car and pass through it with speed of 30km/h. A habit being practiced since 2006.

So, with this habit of not stopping the car while passing toll, while my car approaching the bar, the bar did not raise!

I braked even more, but with other 4 people in the car, the momentum was magnificent enough to inhibit my deceleration. And my car just crashed at the bar.

2 seconds after the crash, I heard the "beep" sound from my Smart Tag when I attempted to get it to check it.

Blardy hell, this is not smart! And after the beep, the bar which got crashed a side did not raise at all too! Plus, the censor only detect my Smart Tag after 2 seconds of the crash, what the heck?

I have to admit that it was mainly my mistake for not slowing the car enough when I pass through it. But sorry to say that I've survived for almost 3 years on passing the toll with that speed. Apart from my mistake, the toll has to take part of the blame too.

The bar did not raise, and unlike Kesas, the bar was a freaking metal bar instead of paper-made bar.

And the consequence...

Cracked windscreen.

At first there was only the two vertical crackes from the bottom, measured about 4 and 5 cm each. But once I reached at the hospital, the we could see the crack extend horizontally to the right.

That was no good, no good. This horizontal fissure was then measured, 12.5cm. After my OT session in the hospital, during way back I checked it again. The fissure got more than 15cm after the 3 hours.

I expected some trashing from my father for this mistake. I have been warned by him and my friends before this, but I never listen - because Kesas tolls are sensitive and fast! Didn't expect tolls at other high way are way so much retarded.

But my father did not scold me, but instead the guilt killed me. I lost my appetite for the whole day for such preventable mistake I have done.

Yesterday during the way back home from Seremban, it was raining so heavily. I was quite afraid because the heavy rain was exerting pressure on the windscreen. I had to turn on the wiper because of the rain, and that exerts pressure too! Afraid that would worsen the crack.

But fortunately the crack did not extend after the evening of the incident.

After spending a great amount of money, my car has got a new windscreen.

A very expensive lesson indeed. I shall slower my car even MORE when I pass through the toll.

So sorry to all my colleagues who sat in my car. Hanim, Mei Ann, Jue Jing, I could her you all screaming. But William, you did not! Because you were reading.

To the highway company, you legalised robbers are just full of shit. Screw your contracts.

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