379# Top 10 albums of 2008

379# Top 10 albums of 2008

I got this laptop not long ago, ever since August of last year from the PC fair, which I have
mentioned. Certainly the first time I'd do for this laptop is to transfer all my musics and rip all my CDs into it.

Having more than 20Gb of music, I'd say I really enjoy listening to music. I even bought external speakers because I'm quite a whore in terms of acoustic quality.

So, to find out which are albums that I listened to the most through out these 5 months, I can chec through the media player. And here it goes;

10th -Symphony by Sarah Brightman

I don't listen to soprano before I listen to Gothic metal. To listen more about soprano music, I have choosed Sarah Brightman. "Gothica" is a very glamour opening which proceeds to "Fleurs Du Mal". The baritone blends extremely well with her high pitched vocal.

9th - Little Voice by Sara Bareilles

How the heck would I know about this artist? Thanks to Hitz.fm, which I don't listen to. I only listen to the radio when I'm in other people's car. I'm an anti radio music kind of person. But anyway, "Love Song" is catching enough to get my attention. However, I enjoy "Bottle it Up" more than this hit track. There are more than a few of artists with great piano skills to name with, but definitely Sara Bareilles's songs hit on my nerves perfectly.

8th - Doomsday Machine by Arch Enemy

The very first melodic death metal band that I listen to. I actually know this band through my cousin's recommendation (he asked me not to tell other people about this band, though). I have tried to listen to a few of their songs few years back. Not until when I found out that the drummer of this band is in fact Adrian Erlandsson's brother. Then I went youtube to find out more about this band, and the fact that the vocalist is a FEMALE singer was really shocking. I never know that female can also sing death metal. Plus the vocals I heard was so aggressive and not it's not easy for a female to sing with.

7th - Godspeed of the Devil's Thunder by Cradle of Filth

Cradle is going down through the years. Ever since their symphonic album "Damnation and a Day", the following albums, Nymphetamine and Thornography were such a big disappointment. From the Black metal that they used to be they started to sell out and sort of "degraded" into Extreme metal. But thank god (?) that this latest album gain back my confidence to this band.

Nicely themed, and the style goes back to their late 90's style. Track "The Death of Love" is really sweet and as well as the trashy "Honey and Sulfur" with Latin bridge. Other than the female vocalist Sara Jezebel Deva and choir, as well as
Doug Bradley for narrations, they also added a new baritone and also the vocalist's daughter to contribute in the album. Very sweet and dark album indeed.

6th - クラゲ、流れ星 by Ai Otsuka

Kurage, Nagareboshi. Not an album, this is a single in fact. It's the lastest single by Ai Otsuka before her 5th album Love Letter. Yet to wait for the album to be availabe locally, but I've prelistened to the tracks through alternate methods. This track "クラゲ、流れ星" sounds pentatonics to me especially during the chorus, therefore some even claim that she plagarised one of Jay chou's song. Come on man, there are incidents of Taiwanese artist plagarise Japanese songs, but not the otherwise.

Back to the single, the mentioned A-side is clam and mellow, while the B-side is another upbeat side of Ai. It includes a third track, "雨の粒、ワルツ~LOVE MUSiC~", a remake of her previously released track, "Love Music". Brilliantly rearranged wih strings. Best of her remake songs so far.

5th - All Hope is Gone by Slipknot

A very, very long waited album by Slipknot, ever since their previous Vol3: The Subliminal Verses released in year 2004. Now 4 years has passed but the aggression continues. Like the previous album, an extremely bipolar track arrangement. Most of the tracks still maintain Corey Taylor's terrifiying vocals, but yet the band includes clean vocals in a few fast songs, which actually disappoints me. Because they sound like Corey Taylor's side project, Stone Sour. But whatever it is, my favourite track of the album has to be "Snuff". Ironic enough, it's the only acoustic track in the album. I wish I could sing this in the Karaoke (I know they won't have it) so that I could express my emo-ness and cry in the end of the song.

4th - The Spirit Room by Michelle Branch

This really surprised me. I didn't notice that I listen to "I rather be in love" and "Goodbye to you" so frequently until this album got to the 4th in my most played list. Very mellow and emotional tracks. But they lyrics describe more on the girl's side than for myself.

3rd - Camomile Classics by Emi Fujita

I was not interested in this artist although my elder sister told me about her. At first I thought that she sings gospel songs, thus my avoidance. But I was proven wrong in the end when I downloaded one of her album for my sister. In the end I got all of her releases and listen to her almost every night. I didn't expect "The Rose" to be the top, because I still prefer "Desperado" more than any other tracks.

2nd - Deep Forest by Do As Infinity

Funny enough, the other japanese artist which I like, like Mika Nakashima, BoA, Bonnie Pink didn't make it into the top 10 but this band Do As Infinity does. I was not interested in this band at first. But havin something foreign and new is good to listen when I'm studying. Therefore I kept playing their albums through out these few months when I am doing by studies. Japanese pop rock isn't that bad afterall, at least not as stressing as metal music.

1st- Devil May Cry 4 Original Soundtrack

What a surprise! The only album which is a soundtrack, and yet sits at the top of the top 10! Didn't realise that I listen to this soundtrack so frequently. Reason? No lyrics, most of the tracks a silent - Good music to listen during late study. Instead of Resident Evil 4's soundtrack which is more eerie, this soundtrack has ups and downs and it's really good to enjoy with. Just that it may be a temptation to turn on the game and play.

Conclusion: No Music,No life! Buy Original!

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