342# The End of MSK

342# The End of MSK

Now this page is returned to its original form - posts about university life again. And this post could be quite emo as usual...

Today we sat for our musculoskeletal system paper, one of those papers which said to have the highest failing rate.

But somehow it didn't really work on people around me, they seemed to do well in the paper.

In contrast, i am the only one who screwed it up.

It's quite diu-ed up to be in the last group where we had to go seremban hospital posting 2 days before exam and do csu one day before exam.

I didn't expect the exam to be that hard. OSPE turned out to be quite well because i studied the pathology slides and anatomy well. But the case studies and SAQ really turned me down.

I believe that there are quite a few questions came out which are taught in semester one and they expect us to cover those. I didn't bother reading the semester one stuff so i couldn't really answer it.

Like any of the previous systems, i tried my best to study. In fact i had pushed myself to the max but there were too many things to deal with which pulled myself down.

Pbl, Csu and hospital visit really wasted my time. Just the hospital visit itself it had wasted my whole day. Went to seremban at 12.30pm and we reached at Bukit Jalil at 7pm due to the jam.

I reached home at 8.30pm due to the jam again. Began study at 9.30pm after i cleaned up and dinner. I was too tired and i couldn't take it anymore and go to sleep at 10pm.

If there were no hospital visits, i'd have more than 9 hours to study.

Of course i can't put the blame on the hospital visit, as if the extra 9 hours of studies would make a difference.

Maybe it would.

I actually overlooked some minor things in the lecture notes regardless countless times i read them. I didn't know Colle's fracture was actually the Dinner Fork Deformity and the the mechanism of muscle twitching caused by suxamethonium was the "just sit there" thingy. Screwed up.

There are too many things to cry over but there's no point talking about it. It's all over. Being a borderline student i'd be satisfy if i could score a B- for this paper, really.

Endocrine - A
Reproduction - B-
Renal - B
Selective - A-
Musculoskeletal - ?

I always have screwed up feelings after exams and i never hide it in front of my parents. I've told them i've screwed up again. They didn't blame me, somehow it's still the final exam that counts.

But it'd be difficult if my system exams scores are too low...

I've to call myself lucky where i got away with my semester three finals without borderline Viva, even though i passed none out of the 4 system exams.

Miracle does not happen twice. So i must do better again for the coming exams. (i don't know how many times i've said that to myself each of everytime i screwed up, but still...)

Rest for 1 week to cool down my engine and i'll go full rev again for central nervous system again.

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