345# Sleep

345# Sleep

Everything is so deprived.

Money, time, food, study, and even sleep.

Our schedule for this system is totally screwed up.

We have lectures on 8.00am, and that's still ok. But there are still pbls, csu and even 2 hospital visits.

Lectures on 8.00am means that for those who drive to uni like me have to wake up as early as 5.30am to escape the traffic jam.

Waking up at 5.30am everyday isn't a good thing. My eye bags tell the story. Because there's only 5 hours to sleep every weekday.

Oh well, "sleep early so that can get more sleep", some would say. But it's impossible for a person to sleep as early as 9.30pm due to the fact that you only able to reach home at 8pm everyday due to traffic (again).

So, i reach home at 8pm, bath and eat dinner, 9pm. Stone, study until 12.30am. Sleep after that. Without knowing that i slept or not my alarm will wake me up at 5.30am.

Everyday is like fark where i wake up and ask myself whether I slept or not.

Therefore, in turn, i had to sleep during lectures (sometimes) and in the library (all the times) to compensate the sleeping time i've lost.

To make things worst, my pbl sessions can't be combined nor change the time. Means that other than lectures on 8am, i still have to go for pbl 8.30am every tuesday and friday.

The 30 minutes difference doesn't make any difference at all. I still have to leave home before 6.45am to escape the traffic jam.

Traffic jam outside my house, roundabout before entering the highway, shah alam and subang. If i manage to escape the jam i could reach uni in 35 minutes with driving average speed of 100km/h.

If I'm 1 minute late to escape the traffic, I'd get caught in the traffic up to an hour and it'd take me up to 1 hour and 40 minutes to reach uni.

Therefore if that happens I'd either miss a lecture or be late for pbl. It'd be worse if you get the Dean as your pbl facilitator like me, where being late is not allowed.

And that's why some of us reach uni late for a reason; but some of them not.

There's this group of people who stay at vista apartment which is walking distance to the uni. And always go late for lectures and for almost everything.

Dresscode for male students

I don't think they would have any reason to be late at all. They won't need to face the unpredictable traffic, they don't need to go to the petrol station, and they don't need to park their cars. But they still go late to uni.

For 8am lecture maybe they'll sleep until 7.30am where for us who are driving we are already in uni half an hour earlier than that.

Dresscode for female students - do you comply?

Other than that, this group of latecomers not just being late, they practically treat the uni as their living room - wearing t shirts and denim plus slippers to uni.

This is totally a wtf where almost all the male students (a few of them are not though) wear formally to uni but these bunch of girls (a lot of them) wear like how those auntie go market.

Such a big contrast is just making us who wear formally to look stupid.

So please, save those clothing four yourselves when you go to pasar malam. Please respect your attire. I don't wish to swear now, and i'm trying not to.


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