341# Abducted

341# Abducted

This morning 9.22am my hand phone rang.

I remembered that I set my alarm at 10am, but anyway it wasn't the alarm, but a call from my friend.

William called me to inform me a bad news.

Bad news, I thought someone we know in common has died of cancer. I've just told him recently that this uncle that we know of is having cancer, so I thought that he has received some bad news.

But i was wrong.

He told me that one our friend's father got kidnapped.

He received a call from this friend, "S" early in the morning of 5 am. He rushed to PJ (where she's stays since she's studying there) to fetch her back here. And now William is with S's family.

He asked me whether my father knows any loan shark because S needs money to save her father. My father said of all the people why loan shark? And paying them doesn't mean that they would release him. Therefore the only way is to make a police report.

The next time i called William he was driving, fetching S's mother to get money. I asked William to convinced them to make a police report since it's the only way they could do.

“I think they’ve reported”, he said.

It was said that the melay I kidnappers demanded a hundred thousand at 5pm. After 5pm, I called William again. They were all still waiting for the call; guess that the plan wasn’t moving smooth.

And policemen already helping them out, part of the money were brought by them. I talked to S and she couldn’t do anything but to wait for the kidnappers help. The last place she knows her father went was sungai buloh, where he went to meet the client.

William was helping out copying down the number of the notes. They couldn’t do anything, but wait. No news yet until now.

And I can’t do anything too.

Suddenly I feel so helpless. There’s nothing that I could do. This is the first time where such a horrible thing occurs on the people around me.

This world is full danger. Imagine what if this happened on you. What would you do?

Pray hard for S’s father to be released unharmed. And pray hard for those kidnappers to get caught and burn in hell.

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