339# Redang 2008

339# Redang 2008

I don't feel like staring with this line, but, oh well. It's been a while since i last updated.

Streamyx is back after repeating my situation to the streamyx operator for 6 times. I got so bored repeating my line again and again. And finally, after 2 months plus without internet, the line is back.

Cut the crap, i may write in detail next time to let you know how good streamyx can be.

Don't know what to start with so i decided to write about my trip to redand with my batchmates during our cny break.

I remember that my last visit to Redang island was the June of 2005. It was fun because that was my first snorkeling experience. Plus it was relaxing because we had just finished our A levels exam, and during that time, lots of people from taylors college went there too at the same time.

I can't swim. My hydrophobic status doesn't allow me to swim with my feet off ground, but somehow i managed to get over it and hold tight the life jacket to prevent from drowning.

For my first visit to redang with my collegemates in the year of 2006, we took the bus to kuala terengganu. We spent our first night in the bus where it was quite tiring. Now this time we all took flight there, since everybody can fly nowadays.

I booked a wrong ticket and i only realised the mistake 2 weeks after i booked it. That took me RM100 extra just to change the date of my flight, pain.

Laguna is a good stay and i don't mind to stay there for a second time. The place is beautiful and affordable. A deluxe bedroom has 4 beds provided even though we have only 2 person in a room. The extra beds are for...?

Don't feel like guessing something haunting now...

7 rooms for 14 of us is too many.

I guess we went there during a wrong time. The monsoon season wasn't really over yet so the weather didn't look great.

The first day we managed to go to the sea to snorkel, in the mild rain. But that was fantastic was i could really see what in front of me even though i couldn't wear my specs. Because i wore my contact lens which i took 30 minutes to put in with yum yau's help.

Don't laugh.

Food over there was great too. There were no salty juice or salty coffee which i have tasted during my last visit. Guess the water filter is working fine now.

I guess the only thing to do at night is to play cards and drink. And we did it. But i didn't expect us to tell ghost story in the dark room.

It was kind of freaky to do such a thing at such a place though.

Like i mentioned, the weather wasn't good for boating. The sky started to look funny and the sea started to roar on the second day.

I heard that flights from KL had to U turn back because of the bad weather. And boat services back to kuala terengganu were not available.

Monsoon huh. Now i have experienced the power of mother nature.

Sree looking to the horizon.

Furthermore, the changes in weather caused our snorkeling sessions on the second day to be cancelled. It was kind of sad because the session at marine park is the highlight and we couldn't make it. The deep sea ones is good as well though.

The weather got so bad until we could only hang around in the resort for the whole day. Play ball at the pool, walk around the beach, play ball again, walk again...

We were worried that we might not able to go back as scheduled and waste our flight ticket.

Luckily the sky turned to be better on the third day and we managed to go home.

During the first and only session of deep sea snorkeling, a few of us, including me, got sea sick. I nearly puked. The wave was too strong and i wasn't looking far enough to distract my dizziness.

It would be better if we sat in front of the boat, i mean, outside. I think that would cause less sea sickness. But wave was too strong and we had to sit inside.

The journey back in the ferry was really terrible. The boat was flying most of the times. I felt very sick that time. I needed to use the toilet so i walked carefully in the instable cabin and trying hard to stabilise myself.

I didn't puke until i opened the gent's door. To have someone in the toilet shitting without locking the door, the smell is more than enough to trigger of my vomiting mechanism.

So i sat down outside the toilet, on other's luggages, and puked in a plastic bag.

Son of a bitch never learn to lock toilet door.

And someone else puked too. Kevin had a glass of orange juice that he drank in the morning back from his stomach into a cup.

I wonder would he find other things that he ate during the morning in there.

Anyway, no matter how sick the journey was, no matter how wasted that we missed other 2 snorkeling sessions, this trip to redang was quite memorable. It would be the last time i hang out with my batchmates before we go to different universities for our clinical year.

By the way, i think of having a road trip to penang again, by map...

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