310# Imu cup

310# Imu cup

I don't involve in sport. I don't play chess. I even don't know how to play Dota. That's why i didn't involve in the imu cup.

Imu cup has been ended on 25th of this month with cheerleading competition as the final match.

I didn't join cheerleading either. Not only i'm too brittle for it, i'm can't cary weights as well. And most importantly, i dislike dancing.

Cheerleading isn't the same as dancing, you'd say. But it's almost the same for me.

I stayed back to "cheer for the cheerleading" that day after lecture. A lot of them didn't bother to stay back and give some support. I didn't too last year and i went back home straight. Therefore this year i should show my support to them.

The event took place at the atrium at started around 8pm. I just reached there on time, 5 minutes before they started. People already stand by over there to get their best place. Of course i went to our batch's crowd.

To be really honest, i have not seen any cheerleading performance live in front of me. That was really my first time. Plus, i'll need to appreciate how my batchmates trained for the sake of the cup therefore it was really reasonable for me to stay at watch. Although i was running out of time to study that time...

After cutting off all the usual crap, the first performance was done by the semester 1 juniors, M207.

Wait, i'm a little bit confused. Was the one above semester 1 or semester 2?

Followed by the performance of semester 2 juniors (or semester 1?). I couldn't stop yelling "OSIM ur PAPA" because their outfit was just plain "OSIM-ed".

I was at henry's shop eating Chipster, and a random guy told me to take a look outside the shop. I knew the cheerleaders were preparing for the competition out there, but i didn't notice their outfit until this guy reminded me about it.

Oh well, it's still a very good costume after all.

As the sequence follows, semester 3 juniors performed. And this we called the "X-men", since they dressed in black with a white stripes of "X" in front of them.

By the way, no offense for all the dressings. Just joking...

Semester 4 wasn't the one after that. Pharmacy group A (or B?) performed before us. There were more females than male which you'd expect in pharmacy. I've to say they really did a good job. Their dance(?) was really fast, powerful and accurate at the same time.

And the "kowtow" move as kind of funny too.

Ok, this is how they loooked like after the kowtow-ed.

Second Pharmacy group followed next. Now this one was really great as well. I wonder why both of the pharmacy groups could perform so well. Their moves weren't something one could master in such a short while.

Nothing much i could comment about that, since i can't dance.

By the way their pom-pons were quite well done, purple plus silver to fit their costumes. But those were irritating at the same time too as the bands fell off so easily until those were scattered all over the place.

'Oii sapu lantai la, sem4 coming!"

Alright, after seeing so many groups' performance, i could see our batch's performance at last.

Frankly, IMHO our group's custome looks a bit dull. The rest ones outshine. Dark red isn't attractive enough for me.

Screw that, i could finally witness the outcome of their extensive trainings. Very well done, synchronised, the background music was fantastic. Plus the scene of phing phing + william was totally kick ass.

That's why we shouted out our lungs for you all!

It's been a while since the last time i shouted so loudly.

Cough cough.

Finally semester 5 senior was the last group to perform. "Bumblebee" i called it because of the yellow in black outfit.

They have the most experience for the imu cup since that was the third time they participated therefore their teamwork was really noticeable.

I was quite surprised to see few of my friends there, didn't know they can dance too.

That's all for the cheerleading performance. Before the result was out, the organiser started giving out the medals for the imu cup winners.

Although we were so much more better than last year, but we still didn't win much of medals.

I was waiting for our batchmates' names to be called so that i could shout out loud to cheer. But apparently the semester 3 juniors cheered more than the rest of the batches. I think they must have cheered until sien already.

I couldn't wait until they annouce the result for cheerleading. I still have to study for my CSU session on the next day, so i left imu at 10.20pm and told my friend to inform me about the results.

After i got home for few minutes, i was informed that our batch's cheerleading got second place! Walao, better than i thought! I didn't expect that we could win.

Great job all of you all who participated. And we did a great job too in screaming to cheer.

On the next morning before my CSU session starts, i went to check the overall results.

We got third place overall for the imu cup. That was really surprising. Because we were so much more behind the rest before the cheerleading competition, Guess marks contributed by cheerleading really pulled up a lot.

And that's all for our last imu cup in the imu.

Now you all and concentrate in studies.

But too bad endocrine's system assessment is over today. No remake. Let's be ready for the coming reproduction system.

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