305# A21 Prologue

305# A21 Prologue

This is what that i mentioned at my previous post, about the incident i faced before reaching aretha's birthday dinner.

Around 2.20pm i drove to darren's place because we are going to take train to together to starhill.

If i maintain my speed well at the highway for 100km/h, i usually reach at darren's place in 25 minutes. But that day i didn't make it.

I was chilling and drive while listen to "Born in Burial Gown" by the Filth. The sky looked funny and started to drip.

It wasn't that heavy yet, i turned on the windscreen wiper.

The wiper moved... super slow.

I was wondering why, was it because of the rubber pieces at the wiper got displaced or something.

In short, i couldn't wipe off the water in the windscreen when it was raining that time.

Whatever, will fix it when i get to darren's place.

Another funny thing happened. The radio kept on resetting.

There were twice the radio gone wrong. First time was the volume kept on increasing, second time was the display gone plus buttons weren't functioning. But the radio returned normal without fixing after that.

Now that was really frustrating. The wiper already making trouble, not the radio, come on.

And, damn, why am i sweating?

I could feel the air from the air con, but it wasn't a cold one. Shit, the air con wasn't functioning!

I pressed on the air con button to activate the cold mode, thought that i would have pressed it off acidentally or something.

No matter how many times i pressed it, the light didn't turn on.

In front of the traffic light turning into Shah Alam, i sms-ed darren and told him that my car's problem.

While waiting for the traffic light, i realised that the engine's rotation has gone nearly to zero. Panicked, i put in neutral mode and accelerate to increase the rotation.

Green light, i accelerated hard, but the car wasn't moving what it supposed. Very slow...

Whatever, i gave up. I pressed hard while the car moved very slowly ahead. And it died under the bridge, in front of another traffic light.

Wiper, radio, air con, all three weren't functioning. For sure that was a car battery problem. I turned on the hazard lights and called my father for help. He was busy that time and he asked one of his worker to send a car mechanic to help.

I called darren and told him about this. He cancelled off the mechanic he called when i told him that my father's mechanic was on the way.

I went down to check the car's condition. All 4 tyres ok. Radiator coolant's level normal. Battery... low level, plus the solution inside looked dirty!

The place where i stopped was quite near to his place and he came over. About 30 minutes later, the backup reached us.

Jump start didn't help. The mechanic diagnosed that most likely the alternator aka the dynamo has spoilt. Therefore the car battery couldn't be charged and dried off.

Therefore it means that the alternator has spoilt prior to that, possibly few days before that.

In the end the mechanic put on another battery and drove my car back to the workshop at klang to repair.

It was quite not right to block the traffic but i didn't cause much trouble after all. Cars could still move at the other 3 lanes at my car's left.

Fortunately the car died under the bridge entering Shah Alam instead of on the highway.

That would be dangerous if your car stopped moving when cars at your back are moving at 100km/h.

After that, i went to darren's car and we moved to subang's train station for the dinner.

What a wonderful day.

Bad news is, the next day...
31/8 was holiday, workshop's closed.
1/9, the workshop needs to order the alternator.
2/9 Sunday, workshop's closed.
3/9, semester starts, i will have no car to drive to imu!

PS: All photos courtesy of dacteria.com.

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