309# Sayonaro no Uta

309# Sayonaro no Uta

You're really lucky if you have a friend like Michelle. Before you fly off overseas your friend will really give you a surprise. And your heart will feel so touched and melted, just like a white chocolate cake kept inside the boot of the car - melted.

Audrey was flying off on Thursday morning to Wales.

Week before that Michelle planned to have a surprise for her with a few of us. And thanks to Tucky for letting us his house, we managed to have it on the Tuesday night.

To be really honest enough, i almost couldn't make it. That Tuesday would be the most busy day for me in the university.

10.30am - 12.30pm - Clinical Skill Unit
2pm - 3.30pm - Problem Based Learning
4.00pm - 6.15pm - Lectures.

My life in university would never be this good to have all 3 subjects hit on me on the same day.

Regardless how tired i was, i still dragged my body like the zombie and show myself up.

Oii, it was not Anthony, but Audrey. Audrey leh. So must go.

After i had my dinner at the nasi lemak stall outside imu (again), i went to Darren's place and he fetched me to Tucky's house.

Tks was invited as well.

He looked more tired than i did although he had only pbl and 2 lectures that day, without the csu. But i think that must because of the food he ate in the pasar malam after our dinner, before he reached at tucky's place.

Chow taufu, literally smelly taufu.

Plus walking around in the pasar malam after the whole day spent in university, that was really tiring.

It was really funny how they hided this surprise from Audrey. We actually planned to have dinner (only) at Asia Cafe. But they didn't seem like it because, it's Asia Cafe.

In the end they decided to have it in one's house, and Tucky's house was chosen.

Audrey didn't aware of the update but still thought that we were still going to Asia Cafe. She followed Michelle's car, and Michelle told her that she needed to go Tucky's house to pick him up first.

Me, Darren and Tks were already at Tucky's house plaiying pool while waiting.

They reached after we played 3, 4 arounds of pool.

While i try to distract Audrey by talking to her, Michelle, Jonathan, Darren and Tucky went outside the house to Michelle's car - to take the cake out from the boot which she hided from Audrey's view.

They knocked on the door from the outside. During that time ks was slacking on the sofa, even when he was not, he still wouldn't go open the door.

I was playing the piano that time, and therefore Audrey went open the door.

And there goes, "Surprise...!".

A white chocolate cake, with one candle on top, plus a ballet dancing doll (I don't know what do we called that...).


The whole process was recorded by Darren with his handphone. But sadly, voice recording only.

Duh! Why not just video record it la... So that we could youtube it ma...

"3GP file very big la... cannot la..."

Super sweat.

After we fed ourselves with the semi-melted white chocolate cake (due to the heat in the car's boot), we planned to play Tucky's PS2 at a very special space in his house.

PS2 games will never look so good to play in the theater with the projector.

That was the first time Michelle, Audrey and Jonathan went to Tucky's house. They showed the same reaction like us during our first visit too.

"Honey, you wouldn't want to go home tonight."

"Huh? Why?" (0.5 seconds later)

"Oh my God!"

We played Gran Turismo 3 since it can be played with 2 players at the same time. Sadly Tucky has no GT4 which i believe have a higher resolution and quality. But anyway, it really shows how much a projector can do for the PS2.

It was really wide, and i didn't know where to focus!

It's not a good idea to play racing games with such a big screen, but i would like to try to play action or horror games with all the lights off.

Goodbye Audrey.

And thanks to Tucky for letting us his house!

Take care!

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