229# Reflection

229# Reflection

Description: No one is complete. Everyone hides a different scar.

Damn. I cant seem to get away from drawing negatively. Erotic and violent seem to be the trademarks for all of my drawings.

As showed by the prototype above, the mirror image has no different then the person. Just that the image shown has a slited, bleeding wrist.

What i'm trying to express is that, even though one looks perfect from the outside, but there's a scar which can't be seen by the others deep inside. And the mirror would reflect out what the person is trying to hide.

"The mirror will not lie..."

That sounds like a line from the tv commercial...

Now i have to tune down the level in order to suit the public. I need to draw something for the IMU art competition. The theme is "Reflection", and it's not that easy for me to express the theme with my kind of drawing.

I can't seem to put the mirror away because of the theme. It's really constricting. What else besides mirror which can produce reflections? Water in the pond?

I need to think of other options to suit the theme. Later i'll post this prototype at the forum to get comments from the people. They do give some constructive ones sometimes. And it did helped me too.

Give me some ideas, if you have one. Thank you.

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