225# Implying explicity, part 2.

225# Implying explicity, part 2.

Freedom of speech. Can we do that in our blogs? I doubt it.

I know no one will actually give a damn about what you are writing. But there will still have some jobless surfers to read and comment your blog.

Most of the people write personal stuffs about their life. Most of the girls write bimbo blogs, where they post about where they went, who they went with, what they bought, what they have for dinner... The most typical bimbo blog is the award winning
xia xue, apparently.

And some of them will write things other than their personal stuffs. Topics which are more general and controversial. Example like jimmy,
rockson and kenny. Kenny can be one though sometimes he tend to post up bimbo-like entries. And he commented xia xue's blog being too bimbo. what a contradiction.

See, when things go too general, is not a good thing too. People will seem to understand and resonance with the general posts. They will tend to have comment, or even a different opinion on what the person is writing. In the end, peole will even fire back if they think the person's opinion is different from them. Well, human always think that they're right.

"Bush even think that he needs to help the middle east in achieving stable economy and spreading democracy. But he need some fire powers to attain that."

Example, if someone critique about Bush's act, there will still be at least 1% of them who actually support Bush. And then these two people will fight over the web. Oh yeah, search for the IP address for location and send some anthrax over.

we can't actually talk about "anything" over the web. No. Things are still under controlled by Mr. Lim, the ministry of this and that. So controversial, sensitive issues are not allowed to be discuss even at the blogs. I'd say, not encouraged to. Because there's no neutral posts about these issues. People will tend to be biased to either side.

Anything that the ministry considered as "distrupting the peace of the country" is not allowed. Rumours that spreaded which will cause fear is not allowed too. These people will just kick someone and put him behind the bars.

Damn. We can't discuss those things nor give any opinion in real life, not even when we are mamak-ing. Because there might be a flying roti canai smash onto if someone heard something which he doesn't like. In the end will get gang-banged and wollap by people. And still, now we can't even do it in our blogs.

So how? We are going to keep all these stress in ourselves? No wonder people nowadays are so stressed up. No wonder there are so many corpse found at Klang river, where gahmen's people always picnic at.

Therefore, try to make things explicit. Don't use bad words like i've used before. I got fired back by those people. Try to replace each of the sensitive words. I do learn a lot from the other blogs too. I like the word mar chan. Interesting.

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