224# They are not meant to die

224# They are not meant to die

Another one is harmed by the blood hunger blade of the inhuman criminals. And this time, even a life is taken. Seems that rahman students is no longer living in peace.

For more than a few times, the news of rahman students got robbed hit to the headline of the newspaper that i read. And this afternoon, i was having my brunch and reading the paper at the same time. When i read across the news where the guy got killed by the robber, i feel so sorry for his family.

My tear was about to spill out. Seriously i damn pity the victim. An intelligent, kind and nice guy's life was taken just like that. Imagine how much of contribution this guy can give to the country in the future. You and me might need his help some day. And in the end the country has just lost one more person who will push it forward.

The ratio of criminal to law enforcers is going to be significant. The number of criminals is increasing, and the arithmetric trend goes faster than the number of policemen around. Subsequently, this is the best excuse for the authority to reason why there are still so many crime around. Lacking of men power.

I doubt the excuse given. My point of view is, if the policemen are hardworking enough to patrol around, at least it can scares off these criminals. And better than nothing, it can still lower the chances of crime taking place.

I've stay at my taman for 13 years. And i rarely see a police car pass by. Not more than the number of fingers and toes i have. Not that i always sit at home, i do drive around at my taman. And i hardly see policemen patrol around.

We can't even tell are these policemen working or not. We can only see them appear to clean up the mess each time something bad happen. But before that, where were they? Aren't they suppose to show up from the middle of nowhere to stop shit from happening?

When i was young, i always think that police is a sacred job and policeman is a very great person. I saluted to them when i saw them in my primary school bus. It was just a few times, though.

But the more i got exposed, the more i learn about the force, the more negative stuffs i know about them. Eventually the hero image of them in me is totally smashed like a glass, and scattered on the floor just like that.

Policeman's job is to protect the citizens from being harmed. But why is there still so many people being endangered by those irresponsible, brainless motherfuckers? These people are not meant to die. But those fuckers are. So, the authorities, pleace enforce the law kao kao. Chop kao the fuckers. Shot kao them.

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