137# The Interview

137# The Interview

Ok, I screwed it. I already knew that i would not speak as fluent as i wanted. But that's how it would be for a person like me, who only began to speak in English since last year. I've tried all my best. I know i did not give the professor and the doctor a good image about myself, because i really have problems in expressing myself.

When i asked to talk about myself, i told about stories which i'm a left-handed. My passion towards drawing, guitars and music. And difficulty that a left-handed and a 1.9m face. Height does cause a lot of problem during taking the public transports... And things like that as my introduction...

I had mentioned that my english level was low and i'm trying my best to improve. But i afraid that they would misunderstand, that i can't catch up studies which are conducted in english. The professor emphasised that the course is conducted in english. Of cause i know. I replied that i will not have problem in language anymore. Just try to make them believe that i can handle the course.

Overall i failed to convince them about my passion towards the medical field. They already expect that i would be nervous, i guess. Therefore hope they can give a little bit mercy in their recommendations during their final discussion in choosing new students.

When i was on the way to the admin office, i saw someone who looked like Aster. I stared as to confirm. Unfortunately i was wrong. Hope that girl would not think that i was a freak or something.

Met Kong Fui, Sien Loong and 2 of their friends fro Taylors. Li Ying, Timothy, Karanbir, Li Shan, Fleur... They are all in IMU now. According to karanbir, 20% of their intake are from Taylors. Or more accurately, from A level Jan 04 intake. Other than those mentioned, there are Shafiq, Kevin and lots of them who are studying in IMU now. How wish i could be in that intake with all of them. Anyway, now i wish to be their Junior at next year.

Li Ying said most of the people who got interviewed will be passed. And someone with BBC did passed too. I think those are different than my case. Mine is a special case where the candidate has weak english and could not speak fluently. Oh God, hope that i can pass.

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