131# By request - 50 hatreds

131# By request - 50 hatreds

01. I dislike my height.
02. I dislike hard liqours.
03. I dislike mamak's flies.
04. I dislike to drive sedans.
05. I dislike unpunctualities.
06. I dislike public transport.
07. I dislike those who are irresponsible.
08. I dislike manual cars since i forget how to drive.
09. I dislike rainy days when i got outdoor activities.
10. I dislike to tune my problematic amplifier like a radio.

11. I hate to be ignored.
12. I hate to be expected.
13. I hate to be controlled.
14. I hate to be treated like an ignorant.
15. I hate to be stared when i knocked my head because of my height.
16. I hate flu.
17. I hate salesmen.
18. I hate those who buy lotteries.
19. I hate dirty toilets which need to pay.
20. I hate things which meant for right-handeds only.

21. I damn hate those who think that i'm stupid.
22. I damn hate those who think that they're holy.
23. I damn hate those who think that comic are childish.
24. I damn hate those who think that they deserve better.
25. I damn hate those who expect for what they do not deserve.
26. I damn hate to wait.
27. I damn hate to be waited.
28. I damn hate to have nothing to do.
29. I damn hate to do too many things at once.
30. I damn hate to give when i have nothing to take.

31. I fucking hate my area.
32. I fucking hate the Shaw Centre Point.
33. I fucking hate western hip hop culture.
34. I fucking hate TMnet 1515 56k dial-up connection.
35. I fucking hate those who judge that metal is dead.
36. I fucking hate the uncivilised pariahs in my area.
37. I fucking hate all mainstream music from tv and radio.
38. I fucking hate the traffic and road conditions in Klang.
39. I fucking hate idiots who caused firecrackers to be banned.
40. I fucking hate the unwashed who fully depend on the government.

41. I damn fucking hate my AMD K6 166Mhz desktop.
42. I damn fucking hate policies of the local universities.
43. I damn fucking hate discriminations from the government.
44. I damn fucking hate Form 4 history Year 2003 - Chapter 2.
45. I damn fucking hate to tolerant unfairness caused by the policies.
46. I damn fucking hate our country, since the government represents it.
47. I damn fucking hate those who lie to me for self-beneficial purpose.
48. I damn fucking hate middle east terrorists who think that they're divine.
49. I damn fucking hate rules which force the others to be wrapped like they do.
50. I damn fucking hate Kelvin Lim Chin San, i will not forget him before i see his corpse.

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