130# New Old Abominations Part 2

130# New Old Abominations Part 2

The UM

University Malay was included in the Top university of the world last year, ranked 89th. Our country was so damn mfking proud and placed signboard(s) to show the acheivement of the university to the people in Malaysia. Indeed, top 100. It was something to proud with didn't it?

But in this year, the university's rank has fell from 89th to 169th. Such a big difference. But never mind! Our nation still proud of it, at least it's still in Top 200! And the authorities did not replace the signboard which showed the 89th ranking. Instead, they sticked something new on it in order to cover the old ranking. Ironically shows the awards that the university got in 3 academic achievements.

If was just a year, 365days and the first university in our country could get kicked out from the Top 100. Undoubtedly this is something serious and the government must face this failure seriously. But not taking granted that UM is still in Top 200.

Personally i do not think that rank, 169th is something to proud with since it was the 89th last year. Instead, this a shame of the nation, a shame of the people in Malaysia. Those who are in the UK did not know about this so i'm mentioning about this issue here.

Obviously there are more than a few of mistakes that the university did. Including the management and policy. Other than me, i believe that there are lots of them who do not satisfy with the university's policy.

Sure you understand what am i trying to say... Yes, about the student quota they formulated. They can get in with their average results, and those who are really excellent with straight A's in their STPM get nothing. How much we got? 10%? or just 5%?

In the end most who graduated from the UM are not necessary a good graduate, they are just too lucky to get in. Real excellent students got to get loan and scholarships in order to get into the private because of the policy applied by the local universities.

This is one of the major reason which replies the question why our country is still developing like a turtle. When shall we leave launch out from the atmosphere like China did? We are lacking of intellectuals. Try to take a look at those countries, which do not apply student quotas. Most of them are more developed then our nation does. The contrast is clear, indeed.

The Social

- Little girl got tortured by her parents. Having serious wounds from various causes including cuts, scald... And the cut on her left hand is still inflammed, with pus.

- Young maid atempted to kill both of her employees. Claimed worked since 4am to 11pm and could not handle the maltreatment. Who are saying the real thing in this case? We do not know.

- Car accidents rate increase extra power exponentially during the double festivals. More kills under the wheels. Such a good way to control the population of the country. Ok, i did not say that. More cars, more accidents.

- Laughing-Duck's "AP DEEPAVALI" issue still goes on.

- Too much of negatives stuffs to tell. To be continued.

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