47# Exhale...

47# Exhale...

I adopted a virtual pet named miao, at the right hand side's blog box. Go play with it!
Yesterday show voon wei doing it in the library. Then Jin though me how to have one. It's so cute, haha. I like cats, so i selected it thought the cat isn't tat nice compared to the others. If u wanna have one, just click on the link on it.

2 days after i got my trial results, my old syndrome is striking back again. Get fucking pissed off to have breathing difficult, puke tendency and hypoactive... This is really affecting my everything. But i've learn from the pass 7 months in 2004. From the Hell i went thru now i'm able to control and prevent from throwing out. This is just bcoz excessive HCL in my stomach causes gases in it, once stomach shrinks to force these gases out, i'll feel like puking. Therefore i'm avoiding soft drinks and heavy foods.

Tortured. I dunno when will i be better... everything is just bcoz of exams and exams... Screwed up my entire trial. Bio B, Phy C, Chem, Maths E. These are the worst results i'd ever had. Just bcoz tat i din have enuf time to study everything. Especially chem... I think i got all below average, argh... but the only thing i proud of is i got 33/34 for my chem practical! haha... my accuracy for titration is quite high. The only mistake i did was just the moles of the proton. With error carry foward, i got only 1 mark deducted. Last night only i knew that the full mark is 34. Wa... damn happy for tat.

Rarely blog in the com lab. Gonna rush to bio lab later.
Tai ken is wearing short pants and i reminded him tat we got lab.
So.. i think he need to get a long pants from someone.
Joshua's? I dun think his pants is washed frequently... He told me. haha...

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