41# Beneath the Howling Stars

41# Beneath the Howling Stars

Everything seems to be so unlucky. Other than that one in my family, my sister got her own problem, my mum met an accident, and later i met one as well. My mum's one wasnt tat serious. Thk God. At least just a minor damage at the bumper side and the low light. Just bocz of a god damn car drove to close, my mum needed to avoid, and got to the divider.

I was fetching my sister back from tuition. After i came out from Shell, at the junction i stopped. A car beside me was goin to make a right turn while i was goin to the left. There were a black wira and a motocycle comin from the right. The black wira gave signal where he was goin to turn into the junction. Therefore, the car beside me made his move. I predicted tat i got enuf time exactly to make my left turn.

While i made my turn, the motorcycle was just so close. But who noes, out of a sudden there was a second motorcycle. While the time i realised it existence, i already crashed onto it. Maybe it just a little contact, and the motocyclist manage to hold his vehicle. He went on for around 150m and stopped. I stopped my car a side. It was a Malay guy together with a Malay Girl.

He got his left foot on my car's tyre. Just hitted a bit. Luckily he didnt sound at me, the girl either. He said tat he got some pain at his foot. I checked, just a little harden. Swelled obviously. He didnt feel numb, shows tat he was still having his bone. He asked money for some massages. Seriously i was damn broke by tat time though i din use cash for the petrol. i said i got only 20, though i got more than tat. He wanted 50. In the end, i pretended to ask money from my sister. 40, tat was wat i had. Together the 1 ringgit coin in my pocket, 41. Alrite, he got it, settled.

Actually while the time we were negotiating, suddenly a Waja stopped in front of us. It was Joseph... He asked what happened. It was my fault, therefore he just laughed and left... Shit, tot tat this guy will help me to negotiate. Apparently he will not help bcoz it was my fault. if it wasnt... then we shall show some co-operation between Kampung Jawa school punks...

The day before tat, a serious accident also happened near my grandad's place. A high speed wira got hitten by an unser which came out from a junction, that wira lost control and bangged to a house's brick wall. The dog in the house already mangsa i think bcoz i did heard 3 bangs and a dog's shriek. No one was hurt, but the wira was quite seriously damaged, and the wall just collapsed... The unser was carrying around 6 til 8 ppl, and the women were damn fat... So i could imagine the momentum brought by it. Together by the speed of the wira, this's the result...

Just RM41... Problem which can settle with this amount of money is exactly not a problem at all. I thank God for all of this. I just got a scratch at the tyre's cover with out any injuries. I didnt tell my dad about this. I dun want to give him any pressure anymore. While the time mum told him tat she hitted her car, he never bothered, just told her not to bother her anymore. I understand. By this time, nothing else is worst tat having someone who is leaving soon.

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