456# The Beginning is Near

The government really caught us unprepared.

According to our seniors, usually we will be called for induction during May and then we will start working around end of May. But this time the situation didn't apply to us.

Before March ends we have received the letter from the government that our induction is 5th to 8th April 2011. Further information revealed that we will start working at 11th of April 2011.

We only have 1 month of holiday since graduation!

There are so many paper works to be done. Firstly the registration to the Medical Council and registration to the Public Service Commission, then followed by confirmation of induction to the latter.

Will no longer get to see the sun from home...

We then wait for our university to send our academic transcript to the medical council, which will then give us the provisional registration form. This is ultimately needed so that we are qualified to go for the induction. We also need full body checkup, chest X ray, urine test before practice as a doctor...

If reading this make you feel confused, you will even be more disappointed and irritated when you are in the situation. The government never fail to annoy those who are dealing with them. This administration incompetency is our major factor which impede our nation from progressing. And this nationwide known problem has been cursing the people and sadly nothing has been done to rectify it.

Having my new found life within such a short time , I'm feeling heavy-hearted to progress forward. Not just I'll need to dedicate 16 hours/day, 7 days/week of my time to work, I would use the rest of my time to rest or study.

Sad to say, working as a doctor is never been easy. We have experienced it as students back then, which was quite bad, now once being qualified the stress is even more.

No matter what it is I will try, to seek a balance between my work and my life. Although it will not be easy, but I have overcame all the obstacles in my life prior becoming a doctor. And thus I hope I would overcome this too.

Less than a week to go, then we will be zombie doctors.


Joel said...

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Mike...time to update....im updating too

Mike said...

Omg been years since I last updated this site...


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