276# About Tmnut

276# About Tmnut

I had never check the internet bill since the day i got broadband last year. Until yesterday my youngest sister showed me the bill, only i realised that i was being conned for this long.

I subscribed the RM66 without modem unlimited, so therefore they should charge me only RM66/month isn't it? They charge higher during the first month of course to include those bull shit registeration fees or shits like that.

But hey, I have been using tmnut broadband since August of 2006 until now, why they still charge me more than RM66/month, and even up to RM160?

Damn it, they put my package under the RM44 limited package. See that shit above? Monthly fee RM44 and extra usage fee RM117.71. Total Rm167.71.

Wei! RM167.71 a month for such a snail speed broadband service? Hello? If i will only online for less than 40 hours a month i wouldn't have taken the RM66 unlimited package! Which they supposed to put me in!

The tulan-ness was rising and i checked back my tmnut multimedia registration confirmation slip, which was given by the technician who installed this piece of shit.

And it written there, RM66 package. Streamlan basic 512k without modem RM66.



Farkin RM66 ok?

I went online and check how much in fact i've paid for this kinda bull shit snail speed broadband service. I was stunned. I was actually paying double or even triple every month since September 2006 than what i am supposed to pay.

Those figures are so far away from RM66.

Today is Sunday. I can't do any shit about it. Office's closed, tmpoint isn't open either. Was it the company who offered this shit's fault? Or was it tmnut's fault?

Without considering those broadband service which provided by the mobile phone serive operator, tmnut is the only broadband provider in our farked up country. And each of everyone of us has no choice but to use their service.

What we are paying are not as good as what we deserved. Sometimes the so called broadband speed is slower than the dial up ones!

Oh yes, Tmnut.

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