274# Fast and Notorious

274# Fast and Notorious

Yesterday was the last day to use that McD coupon, did you made good use of it?

Think back what did i had for lunch/dinner few weeks back, i started to hate McD...

For 2 Fridays in the row i had McD in Endah Parade. Skipped McD during the 3rd Friday, but the next day, which was Saturday, i had it again for dinner at KL sentral.

The coupon is worthy, the free fillet-o-fish is tasty, and the free nuggets are juicy...

But if you have McD every week for 3 weeks in a row, you'll get sick of it.

I'm lovin' it

Wonder why out of a sudden McD came out with that shit huh? Just because some fellas in the gahmen have nothing to do and wanted to do something shocking.

Spend hours and hours to "drink evening" (translate youself la) until there's no more "tea tarik" in the canteen. Sit in the toilet for hours until no shit can be shitten out. Go to the "secret room" until got bored of the walls...

And they came out with an idea - to ban fast food advertisement.

Ronald McD: Can i have a fillet-o-fish?
BK attendant: Sorry sir, we do not sell fillet-o-fish here.

Since the gahmen's so powderful and each of every action they took sure shake some shits out therefore all of the fast food companies got scared.

For the sake of the business, they advertise as much as they could before the gahmen ban fast food advertisments.

Therefore... the consumers got benefited in the end, which is the McD coupons! Buy a large set and get yourself a burger/pie/sundae for free!

To be really honest, i was quite happy with that coupon. For the first time i used it, the "wow" factor really drove someone crazy.

Imagine you get yourself a fillet-o-fish for free! Which costs more than RM4 for one. Overall a less than RM10 lunch you could have 2 burgers, 1 large fries and unlimited-coke-supply-til-you-laosai.

Why not? Eat until fat also don't care!

Pizza hut self-serviced salad ultimacy. Not me, pic from somewhere.

Seriously, it's such a non sense to ban fast food advertisements. As if it is the main cause which decreases msians' health level.

Look at what we have in canteens nowadays. "Tea tarik" with 3cm thick X 8cm diameter of volume, "nasi lemak", curry, fried bananas, super sweet "kuih"s as if sugar is free...

And the worst thing is that even HOSPITALS' canteen is providing such unhealthy foods. At a place where health is concerned the most. Ridiculous.

Continue from above pic... enough for 6 full plates.

Don't tell me those foods are healthier than fast food please. Do take note that those food provider's hygiene standard is not to standard at all, which fast food restaurants have their own quality control.

That explains why i got a free cockroach in my "Nestlo" by one of the food tender in the uni during my first semester.

No, i din't take the picture of it. And the "Nestlo" wasn't made by the guy with cap.

Conclusion - Just say "yes" to fast food and "no" to parties who want to ban fast food advertisement, shall we? But anyway the authorities are yet to come with a conclusion though.

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