240# The final art of reflection

240# The final art of reflection

I din't even win a consolation prize, which worth RM25.

Guess who got the fresh hot juicy first prize RM 150?

The honour of our batch M106, Dr. Kee!

The caption is like the mum seeing the born of her new baby.

And Sree from Cheras won a consolation prize too.

Another pencil sketch submitted from our batch.

The third person who joined in our batch was Caryn, with her color painting. A strong contrast between angel and succubus, heaven and hell, which i thought of to draw, but disagreed by Darren.

I can't remember the caption... But it's a very nice work.

And i'm the only guy from our batch who joined and didn't win any.
And i'm the only one who drew in black ink among all the drawings.
And the reason is very obvious,

Catergory A - Painting and Sketching.

Well, those two which i submitted were neither a colored painting nor pencil sketchings. I thought my work of irreversible black inked drawings would be appreciated by the judges and apparently i was too naive.

"None is flawless, everyone hides a different scar"

And yet i didn't express the theme well. Both reflection i drew were beyond comprehensions, too abstractive and somewhat pointless. Because i noticed that they only select those which express direct physical reflections, instead of abtractive ones.

"Tears are shed,
Water's spilt,
Images met,
Dark reflection so still..."

The second one was the one which the people there couldn't identify how to display. They put it horizontally, and then i corrected it back to vertically. For few times it was switched by the people there and my friends who noticed.

I have took back both of my drawings after permission. Initially the PIC didn't allow me to do so because they need to select a few to frame and display around the campus.

"These are my failures, how could i display me failures in front of the people?"

And he let me to take it back after Wednesday, 11th of October, where they will display the artworks until.

" I'm sorry, i can't stand my failures to be seen by the people here, i need them back."

Finally i managed to convince him to have both of my drawings back.

I was so deeply hurt. Not only i lost the chance for the cash, and yet this is the first time i submit my artworks for a competition, and also the first time my works nevergot picked.

Thuan Tzhen: Aiya, it's imu la, your type of reflections will not be appreciated unless in art colleges.

"Very well said, i like that...!"

I actually taken a photo to enter the photography catergory. But i was too lazy to develope it.

"And one and two and three,
The hidden black keys,
The subliminal melodies"

Taken from my sister's upright grand piano. A little bit regret right now that i didn't submit this. I like the caption for this, sweet.

And yet, i wrote a poem and printed it out. But i was lacking of guts to submit it. Scare got called by the counsellors if they manage to find out what i wrote.

Naked scissors sighed,
As these cold tears leaked from the inside
The trees mourned over the lost paradise,
As the nocturnal pulse demised
Secrets shared and nailed-in tight,
Reflection of all truth into lies

Nothing seems to be together,
And she could not see herself in the mirror
That was the picture which tried to frame her,
Answers questioned when the thoughts went further
Suicidal notes harmonised in a minor,
Reflecting all the miseries within her

Now or never been sealed in the picture,
Angels wept when she could not stay forever
Through the ignorance which consumed her,
Autumn faded with the scent of winter
She smiles with her regained laughter,
Reflected light returned back to its bringer.

It means a suicidal girl tried to kill herself when she got betrayed by what she used to trust with. But i always tend to write things with double kind of meanings.

In the other way round, it is actually the dead of a succubus after being abandoned by the light bringer Lucifer.

Hidden messages are at the reversed sequence of the first words' capital, and also the structure of the poem. 3 paragraphs, 6 lines. And each of every word has its own meanings. Like "Lost paradise" is actually a book written by John Milton, "Paradise Lost".

It wasn't easy to write, but i love it.

Anyway, i lost the chance to win cash, i lost my self confidence.

But the souls of my works are sealed in my room, instead of flying around in the campus and being critiqued by the public.

All light has faded away,

Alt Lys Er Svunnet Hen

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