239# Sun Doesn't Rise

239# Sun Doesn't Rise

Seems like we have got used to this since the past 10 years.

And they never seemed to repent.

From my way to KESAS.

Geometrically Sumantera island of the Indonesia forms a natural barrier for the Peninsula of Msia. Therefore this pathetic little penis of Asia is somewhat covered from the attack of Tsunami which took place not long ago.

Where the heck is the toll station?

But it doesn't mean that people from the peninsula must thank them because those fellas in the indo died for them. It's a fact where this is how the earth look like. Any disaster from the south-west is barriered by the indo, and the peninsula is safe.

Vista apartment... Where?

Seriously, those farmers at indo with low educations really never consider about the consequences of their acts.

Indo: If i don't burn down the forest, how could i farm? How could i support my family? I got 2 dozens of kids to watch to!

Msia: Fark you la. For the sake of your 12 bastards you want the whole Msia, Singapore and South-thai mia people suffer ah? DNAS!

Sunway. Subang listed to be the worst which 1Km of visibility.

Msia: Farker i tell you ah. You 1.8 million indon people come dig gold at my place here. I let my cash flow into your half-assed country. So in turn you pay me back with haze?

Msia continues: We all have around 26 million people in our country, and your people feeding with our rice here is about 1/13 of our whole population, which averagely can fit into one state. By the amount of you people living here, you people can help a little bit to get rid of the haze.

"Farkin go stand outdoor and inhale the haze - Filter the air for us you MFKR."

Let the sun set glow.

What we can read from the newspaper, which announced by the minister of health is not necessary true. I doubt about the infomation they give to the public regarding the haze.

Most likely they reduced the severity of the haze so that it doesn't cause any unnecessary fears among the public.

AH: Hazing la boss, how to go work?

Somewhere near port klang, with haze and trash.

And the condition right now affected the travel industry drastically, which the gahmen most fear of.

"Cuti-cuti Msia, join kita hisap udara dari indo-nesia!"

I could't see the moon during mooncake festival.

What made me surprised was, the traffic policemen are still on duty regardless the severity of the haze. I thought they wouldn't set any speed trap at the highway and i thought of to drive faster.

Apparently i was wrong. What my friend said was right. Their new year is coming and they need to earn some "extra income". Therefore they would even work harder than usual.

I couldn't drive fast though. The blurry vision caused most vehicles to move with the speed around 80km/h. And when i passed through the speed trap, i was at 80km/h.

Do take note that the speed limit right now during the festival is reduced from 90km/h to 80km/h. I think i didn't get flashed.

I coughed like hell during the exam just now.

Don't be a human filter. Stay healthy.

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